Chicken Pen Repairs and Researching Video Making Editors

Monday June 20, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Chicken pen repairs

I’ve been putting off a couple of repairs I needed to do in the chicken’s pen, so today was the day to get them done.

Special exit door

I needed to repair the fallen step logs on this special exit for the larger birds. I made this to let the mature birds out of the pen but keep the smaller birds in as if the smaller birds get to the outside they are prone to predators getting them at their young age. The mature birds can protect themselves better once they are big enough.exxit2


The larger birds can jump up to get out of the exit.

The chickens had knocked the logs for steps down and they needed to be installed properly so the birds can use them as steps. they don’t really need them but it just makes a bit easier.logs3


All fixed

I used some wire to attach them where they needed to be. This photo shows the door closed and the logs installed properly.fixed4


Egg layers

This is the egg laying nesting boxes where the hens were doing their job.nests1


Trigger step repair

The other thing I needed to do was replace this trigger step to let the chickens outside early in the morning. They step on it and it pulls a pin so the door opens to let them out.

It’s getting a bit ragged and needs replaced with something better.trigger5


This new board should work even better than the older one did.triggerfixed6


Checking out video editing software

After that I spent a good deal of the day working on finding some better video editing software on the internet and trying it out. Trying out video software takes a bit of time as one  has to figure each one out. I worked on that most of the rest of the day. I only looked at free stuff as there is no need to buy it as lots of the fee stuff works just fine.

Blackberry vines

I did get back outside once for a break and removed these blackberry vines from a peach tree. The vines are growing rapidly at this time of year.vines


A yak, I hope

I’m thinking I need to get out for a yak, so maybe tomorrow if I figure my back can take the unloading and loading of the boat. I also want to get some more videos of the  harbor seals at the river’s mouth.

Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    Your chicken coop is full of clever. Wondering what you found with video editing.

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