Testing Out the Lapel Microphone and a Visit With Neighbors Up In the Hills

Sunday June 19, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Video Making Practice

Late in the day I decided to test out my lapel microphone on the dirt bike to see how it works out and also to practice making videos.

To do this I planned to ride up to visit some of  my neighbors that live up on the hill’s tops.

Mount problems

I took off on the dirt bike and right away I was having trouble keeping the camera mount from moving, even after I tightened the mount up more.

I hooked up the lapel microphone and used it for most of the ride. It seemed to work pretty well and I thought the motor bike motor’s sound was a little softer than when not using the lapel microphone.

I had a nice visit with my neighbors and then rode on home doing some more testing making videos.

I think I need to remove the rotating ball from my camera mount and make a straight rod for it instead and that might work better.


And as long as I’m talking making video’s one of the things I need to do is improve my making of what YouTube calls thumbnails, the pic they show to attract people to one’s videos. As far as I can see these thumbnails are one of the  more important things for posting videos on YouTube as they are the main thing that either attracts people to watch the video or not. I’ve been thinking of that and what to do to improve on that and what to use to make them. I’ve got some ideas and now have to work on figuring out what to do and how to do it. the thumbnail is also very important to let people know who made the video so followers can watch one’s videos if they want.

There seems to be quite a few things that need to come together to be a successful poster of videos on YouTube. I’ll  be working on this stuff.

Yummies at the neighbors

Anyway at my neighbors I remembered to take a picture when they went in the house to round up the tequila. Before that we were doing taste tests on the different oranges that grow on their property. Oranges do good up  in the hills around here as it doesn’t freeze much at the higher altitudes. Their place is around 1500 feet I’d guess.

They had some real tasty oranges. Yummmmmy and the tequila wasn’t bad either. :O)oranges


I made it back home around six and let the chickens into the front yard to graze.chickens


Broody hen

Then I checked on the hen that is sitting on eggs. She looked just fine and content in her nest.hen


Nice day.

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