Claying In the Pot Grower’s Spring

Sunday June 23, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Spring work

I collected four buckets of clay yesterday, so today I hauled it up to the spring to install the clay in the spring.rig1

First I  had to remove the temporary tap I did. But first I got a bucket of water to wash up my hands with as this clay is pretty sticky.diggins2

I’ve removed the tap pipe and cleaned out the channel where I’m going to clay in the pipe.dugout3

This is where the water is coming down that I will also clay in to seal it up.water4

I’ve clayed the outlet pipe back in with a clay dam.clay5

Dammed up

This is the finished product, with the water coming in on the left and going down the drain on the right. A five gallon bucket fills up in 2 and a half minutes. That’s two gallons a minute. We’ll see if that holds up by fall, or it might just peter out and dry up by then, but I think it will still be running by then.clayed6

That took most of the afternoon with the hardest part hauling the buckets of clay up the hill to the spring and when I was done playing with the clay, I was pretty tired out.

I’m going to leave the spring like this for now, uncovered up so I can watch it and see how it is working.

I recorded a lot of video clips during the process so I can make a video of it which I have to get together soon.

I packed up my stuff and went for a ride around the property.


The town of Guerneville, nice and green with the Korbel vineyard all greened up.guerneville

After a good ride around the property, I headed for home for a good nap.

Nice day.

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