Developing the Sometimes Spring

Saturday April 27, 2024 Guerneville CA.


I still needed to talk to one of my neighbors that wasn’t home yesterday, so I rode the motor bike up to his place and finally caught him home. I informed him that the culvert I was giving him was full of dirt, but I would go home and later try to get the dirt out of it with Skiddy.  I headed for  home from there.

Sometimes Spring development

Back home I loaded the stuff I thought I’d need to work on the Sometimes spring I’ve been working on. I needed some buckets to hold rock and clay, mostly and some pipe to tap it.


First was the rock which I got at the rock slide.rock1


Then I drove over to the spot where I spotted the clay on the road the other day.clayspot

I dug up a couple half buckets of clay and should of gotten more, so I wouldn’t have had to come back for more.clay2

Sometimes spring

I drove over to the work area and parked and unloaded the rock and the clay and the pipe.rig3

Fill ‘er up

I needed to fill up the front part with rock, just in back of the water there. That’s what I got the rock for.buildup4


I put some nice flattish type rocks in there to fill up the void and make a place for me to make a bowl inside the hole. I’m getting some water to wash my hands filling up the bucket for the purpose. The rocks are in and it’s ready to start putting clay in the hole.rockedin5

I’m pushing the blue clay around the bottom and sides of the hole to form a bowl, eventually.clayed6

Pipe for tapping

This is all the stuff I need to make the tap, about twenty bucks worth of stuff. The black thing is for a house gutter drain  but works good for this.pipe7

The pipe is installed like this which is now ready to have the clay pushed around and under the pipe to seal things off. I started pushing small pieces of the blue clay in under the pipe.pipe8

The idea is to seal things up and form a small bowl around the gutter strainer to collect the water, like this. The next thing is to put clay in front and form a dam.claybowl8

The dam

I pushed clay in front to form a dam just a little  higher than the top of the gutter strainer, so water can get out in the winter when it rains hard, when the water flows heavy in a storm.dam10

There’s the dam with water coming out of the pipe. I still need to get a stainless steel strainer at the kitchen shop which I turn upside down over the gutter screen. I don’t have one or I’d finish it off. After the stainless steel strainer, I fill the top with rocks to  keep stuff out of the spring.springtap11

That was all I could do today, without the stainless strainer, so I gathered up my stuff and went on home.


A bit later in the day I took Skiddy up to where the culvert with the dirt in it was and lifted it up high in the air to allow the dirt to fall out the end of it. After a few tries, I got all the dirt out.skiddy12

Trimming razzberry vines in the berry patch

I’d started working on that yesterday. I had a little bit more to do to cut some trails in the patch so I finished that up just before it got dark, so that’s done. The hedger Barry loaned me worked real good.

Nice day.

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