Visiting and Just Puttering Around

Monday June 24, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Blackberry vines

They are growing like mad this year with all the extra rain we had last winter. I got a shovel out and started digging up the new shoots that were coming up in the yard. I barely made a dent in them.

I added some more berry vines to this new avocado tree to keep the chickens from digging up the tree. The vines are working real good to keep the chickens from digging in that area.thorns8

I dug berry vines up until I was tired out from that.

Neighbor’s rig repairs

I’ve been wondering how my neighbor was doing fixing up his rig with the diesel problem so I walked over to his place through this old apple orchard.orchard1

I couldn’t find anyone around, so I had a look at the machine. It didn’t look like anything had been done to it. Maybe they are ordering parts?rig2


I rode up this road to my cousin’s place to visit with her and her husband as they just got back from a trip. We had a good chat for a couple hours, then I went for a joy ride around the property checking on stuff.road7

I sat at this overlook for a spell just taking it easy.view3

Madrone tree

And I went by my pool of water. It was looking good and holding water. That little madrone tree may or may not make it with the extra water it’s getting. The tree went from dry baren rock to a real wet life. Not a real big lost if it dies as lots of other stuff will pop up with the water things are getting now.pool4


And of course I went by my pond to sit for a bit watching the fish.tree5

I’ve got spring water going into the pond, but it has a leak in some rock which is ok as the pond is fine the way it is. Eventually those big green ferns will likely take over this spot.pond6

After a good ride, I headed on home for a nap.

Later I went out to tend the chickens and mix up some seeds for them to eat. I feed then these mixed seeds and they get the rest from feeding in the yard.feed

Nice day.

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