Coeur d’Alene Idaho and Marty and I Solve His Van’s Problems

Thursday July 20, 2017 Coeur d’Alene Idaho

Traveling on

Yesterday I left the town of Jarbidge headed to Twin Falls Idaho. I went by these big rocks on the way out of town. A local guy I met says there are Indian petro graphs on some rocks on the other side of the rock with the hole in it. I drove on by as I had no time to check it out.jarocks


Decisions at Twin Falls

At Twin Falls I checked Email to see what Marty wanted to do. He said come on up, so I headed for Idaho where they were at an Indian Casino.

Is it just a hot day or is the van heating up

It was a hot day as I traveled up the freeway, over 90 degrees F. My van’s heat gage was climbing a bit higher than I thought it should so I figured I didn’t get all the seeds out of the radiator as I thought.

Getting some more grass seeds out

I stopped at Mountain Home in Idaho at a Wal-Mart to get some stuff and see if I could get some more grass seeds out of the radiator.van1


I was able to get quite a few more grass seeds out of the radiator.

Ice cream does me in

I had the urge for some ice cream with the temperature as hot as it was so I got  the one I thought was safe for me and enjoyed it, but that is the last time as I got a bad corn hit from it later. No more ice cream for me unless I make it


One more time on the grass seeds

I got back on the road and the heat gage temp was a bit improved, but I thought I might get some more grass seeds out, so I stopped at this rest stop and cleaned out would I could again. I really need a big air compressor to shoot the seeds out.van2


Partly it’s just a hot day

Once I got back on the road I felt the gage temp was as good as it was going to get on  a hot day like today, so I continued on North.

I stopped along the way just long enough to have some melon for dinner.melon


Changed direction one more time

At La Grande Oregon, I phoned Marty to find out just exactly where he was which was a bit different than I thought, so I changed direction again just a little and headed to Lewiston Idaho and up highway 93.

Going through NE Oregon farmland.ore


Had to camp for the night.

I was going to drive on and try to make it to where Marty was that night, but I didn’t make it and found a camp spot near the Oregon Idaho border and spent the night.

The next morning I was back on the road. There was quite a bit of construction on Highway 93.constr


When I got to the Coeur d’Alene Idaho casino I found Marty’s old van in the parking lot and had to call him to find him and he eventually showed up.

Discussing the problem

So we sat down for a talk as I wanted to know all the facts of how and why his van wasn’t running right.

Air leak in the exhaust

After that I went under his van for an inspection and found his exhaust pipe really loose which would leak in air messing the O2 sensor up, so I had him fix that.marty


Looks like it might have another problem too

We started the van and the engine check light still came on showing a possible MAP sensor on the emissions control might be bad. I use the same one on my van so I got the one out of my van and we tried it on his van. The light went out, so we took it for a test drive to the parts house and Marty was real pleased as the engine was running with power now.

Ordered the part

The test drive took us to a Napa Parts place where we ordered the part which will be in tomorrow morning.

So if that all works out tomorrow we will be back on schedule and headed for Eureka Montana to meet up with the other couple to start our Continental Divide trip.

If you want to see Marty’s view of things, he’s on my sidebar Blog Roll.

I think it was a productive day and hope everything will smooth out now.

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2 Responses to Coeur d’Alene Idaho and Marty and I Solve His Van’s Problems

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    You are having an adventure, aren’t you? Too bad about the seeds, Pam’s idea seems like a good one for blowing the seeds out too.
    Hope the part helps keep Marty’s van on the road and you soon meet your friends. Let the real trip begin!
    Is that Marty under the van or you? Don’t know that I’ve seen a pix of you yet.
    I’m sorry about the ice cream, we should ALL be able to enjoy some whenever we want.

  2. Pam in Louisiana says:

    Just a thought… have you tried a can or two of canned air like we use to clean computers keyboards with to possibly help with the seed problem? It may not be strong enough to blow them out, but it immediately came to mind. Enjoying your blog about this fun venture you and your friends are on, the good, the bad and even the ugly! ha.. I enjoy it because my husband and me, as well as my parents traveled like you all are doing in our home made high top camper vans. I would give just about anything to be able to go back to those days. No air conditioners for us, no running water, sleeping in pastures with the cows, etc. I think we weren’t what they call boondockers now days, probably closer to tramps, but the joy of it was unbelievable! I truly hope you all have a wonderful time even with the van troubles, we had tons of troubles and so many times my husband and dad laid under the vans like you all are doing. So keep us updated as much as you can!

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