Van’s Fixed and We Head Out Towards the East

Friday, Saturday  July 21, 22, 2017 North Idaho To Eureka

Things get fixed and we head out

On comments. I read them all and appreciate them. But when traveling they are harder for me to respond to as I  have to be online to post a comment, so it doesn’t’ usually get done. But I read them all. I thought about getting a can of computer air to clean my radiator, but another opportunity for that popped up. Anyway, thanks for any comments

Now, where did I leave off. Not sure so I start with arriving at the Coeur Delene Casino where Marty and Patti where staying with the broken van.

I found Marty’s van parked in this parking lot so phoned him and he came


I think I already covered this part, so we’ll skip to the next day where Marty picks up the MAP sensor part at a nearby Napa Parts store.

He’s working on putting  a new muffler clamp on here.van


Marty’s happy things are fixed

Marty gets it all hooked up and starts the engine for a test. No red light, good to go.

Marty says let’s get this van loaded and on the road.mart


We visit RV friends

They wanted to visit a couple friends of there’s working as volunteers at one of the lakes, so we headed up highway 95 to visit them for an hour or so.road


Lucky me

We visited with Eve and Bill for a bit. Lucky me, Bill worked in the shop here so I hit him up for an air compressor to do a final seed cleaning out of the van’s radiator.

So I followed him to the shop and cleaned it all out with a nice big compressor. I think it’s good now.

Heading East

From there we had a hard time finding the road that went around the south side of the lake. We are in Bayview here, but no the road isn’t here, but we did find it.bayview


It was a nice forest road. I’m following Marty.froad


Here’s a view of the lake we are going around to head east.lake


Another shot of me following Marty’s van through the forest.dust


Lunch time

We finally found a place to pull off for a break and lunch.lunch


After lunch we drove a bit more but started to look for a place to camp for the night. This road looked like it might have a camp on it, so we drove down it.croad


Night’s camp

We made camp here for the night. Van’s are nice to camp with, you pull in and put out a chair and you are


The love rock

While sitting there talking, I spied this rock up in the tree behind us abut 25 feet in the air. I couldn’t tell what it said, so I took a picture. Looks like love and some other stuff.rock


Over all view of our camp.vancamp


Something different for dinner

I’m going to have some of that coconut for dinner. Should be no corn in that.nut


Marty and I walk around the area a little.walk



We were sitting in camp shooting the bull when we thought we heard an elk give an alarm so we got up to  have a look. Sure enough there were some elk going by us.
We saw one other group go by too.elk


We had a good night and will soon be back on the road headed towards Eureka Montana.

So far things are going well with the vans.

Saturday July 22

Continuing towards Eureka

That was a good camp. We left just after ten in the morning and continued on towards Eureka Montana.

On the way out and up the hill Marty stopped as he saw an osprey up in the next in the tower.nest


Here’s the osprey in it’s nest.osprey


Traveling down forest roads

We were still driving around a big lake and the roads looked like this a bit improved from yesterday.road


Some wrong turns too

We wrong turned and ended up down here at the lake where we had to turn around and back track.lake


Eventually we finally came out of the mountains and dropped into this nice looking valley.vallley


Better roads

The road slightly improved so we started making better time.roade


Lots of water in this area, we drove by this body of water.lakeroad


Find a camp spot

Around or five we were feeling like we needed a camp so started looking and Marty pulled into this spot by some more power lines and we camped for the

We are only about fifty miles from Eureka Montana so once we get it going this morning we’ll headed out for there to do the final prep for our Continental divide trip which is supposed to start tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Van’s Fixed and We Head Out Towards the East

  1. Tom Pino says:

    Have a great time here in Montana.

    Watch the weather for dry thunder storms and the horizon for smoke though.

    Here in eastern Montana we are dry and on fire unfortunately. My son lives in Jordan if you have been following the fire situation.

    Be careful, Have FUN.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Beautiful lake, valley and scenery in general. Nice trip so far and I’m happy that Marty got his van running. You’re finding some nice camp sites and my worrying mind feels better than you are not trekking alone for a while. :)

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