Coffee Plants, Watering and a Ride Up Into the Forest

Tuesday August 15, 2023 Guerneville CA.


I put the water on my two little coffee plants after I fertilized them. I’ve been trying to get them to take off growing as they’ve been slow to grow.water1


Coffee plant

They are starting to grow. This one has doubled in size.coffee2



Then I cut these bushes back but didn’t get around to cleaning up the brush yet.brush3


Plugged up hose

I moved the sprinkler to the citrus trees and noticed the sprinkler wasn’t putting out the volume of water it should. After looking at the  main pressure gauge and seeing there was plenty of pressure, I  checked the hose and found the end of it had some kind of plug up in it.water4


Fixed it

I had installed a new end on the hose the other day and must of plugged up the end with part of the hose when I installed it. I got a drill out and clamped it with a pair of vice grips and opened up the plug.reamedout5


That’s better, I now have full spray.water6



I like these old type sprinklers as they put out an even amount of water. These are called frogs.frog7


Job prep

After that, I went over to our rental place to check out the two toilets and two new faucets I need to install soon. I wanted to check the stuff out and see what else I needed to install them, like hoses and shut off valves. I  made a list which I’ll have to shop for soon before starting the job.parts8


Ride in the forest

A bit later and after a nap, I rode on up into the forest to retrieve the game cam cards and just ride around checking stuff out.

The view from one of my rest spots up there.view9


I stopped on this trail to trim the trees back off the trail.trail10


And stopped here to check out this spring that I  might tap later.spring11


Then I rode on over to the two springs where I have game cams set up and gathered up the cam cards.bob14


These two deer spent a lot of time grazing around in front of this cam.deer13


This one looks like a coon to me.coon12


Nice day.

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