Good Day For a Ride In the Forest, Yard Work and Van Work

Saturday, July 15, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Ride in the forest

I had plans to finish that spring I was working on yesterday, but Barry showed up for a bike ride in the forest, so plans changed. A bike ride in the forest gets priority as it’s a good way to get a lot of needed exercise. Because we ride in the hills, the body gets a good work out, just trying to stay on the dirt bike, so that’s why it wins and it’s fun too.

Gassing up his dirt bike.barry1


I left my camera home accidentally. We rode around the hills for awhile then went up to my cousin’s place that lives up on the ridge top and had a good visit and then we went riding again.

After that, a nap was needed to rest up a bit.

Yard puttering

Later in the day, I moved this rat bait station out of the sun and into this shady spot as with it in the sun, I got a lot of false motion detections because of the sun’s shadows moving around in the leaves. The shade should reduce those a bit. The cam is in the blue box and is hooked to my computer. I seem to have the rats under control as none have showed up to chow down, which is a good thing as they were over running the place.cam2


Citrus trees

Then I put the sprinkler on my citrus trees as I’m trying to get them growing more.wter3


Coffee plants

My coffee plants aren’t growing much so I put some fertilizer on them and have been giving them more drinks of water. This isn’t really the right climate for them, but I thought I’d give them a try just the same.coffee4


Van work

In the evening, I got to work on the van. I’m working on cleaning up this rat nest of wires for the van’s electric fans to make them easier to service when something goes wrong.van5


I had to get under the van to take some bolts off to remove the electric fan to work on that a bit to make it easier to take off if I need to, out on the road.fan6


I removed the electric fan and put some longer mounting bolts on it to make it easier to remove when on the road and something goes wrong with it and I need to find out what went wrong. I had to work on this on the last trip, so that’s what prompted me to improve this.fan7


Van’s flat tire

A commenter said tire shops won’t fix sidewall punctures, by law, so I  had another look at where the hole is and marked it.tire8


The little hole is between the black lines and is very small like a wire or nail went through it. I think I’ll take it to a tire repair shop and see if they will fix it or not. The tire is almost brand new, so if they won’t fix it, I’ll get a repair kit and fix it myself, especially since it is just barely in the sidewall.hole


I spent the rest of the day chair hopping around the yard and taking it easy.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Good Day For a Ride In the Forest, Yard Work and Van Work

  1. Gaelyn says:

    I want to see a picture of your bearded face. And taste the spring waters. Do they need a house sitter on top of the ridge this summer? Finally in southern Oregon hiding from the heat in mountains.

  2. Nancy K says:

    I need some rat knowledge. What kind of bait are you using? Didn’t you mix it with grain? I’d like to set up something in my yard that the birds cannot get into. The rat traps aren’t working. Thanks Bob ……

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