A Hard Time Shopping and Shooting the Bull With Joe and His Friends

Wednesday August 16, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Need parts for a plumbing job

That meant I needed to go over to the shopping centers to get them. Here I come, Home Depot.

Now where the heck are those parts located. I walked around some plumbing isles but couldn’t locate what I needed, but finally found them after asking a couple of costumers, then the fun began.

I needed some shut off faucets that go to sinks. Lets see, I need four of those straight ones and two 90 degree ones with the right fittings on the ends. There were a bunch of different ones and I looked and looked and finally found the 90 degree ones but were the heck were the straight ones? I looked and looked over all of them and finally found them on an upper shelf. I put them in my cart and then looked at the 90 degree ones again, the four I had put in the cart and noticed one of them had the wrong part in the box and I got the right ones.

I thought I was good until I got home and found I had mixed things up and had mixed up what I got of each. I should of gotten four straight ones and two 90 degree ones, but got that backwards. Yuck.

This all should have been real easy, but for some reason it wasn’t. I’ll go to the local hardware and get two more of the straight ones and eventually take the wrong parts back to Home depot.

A good visit

I headed towards home and stopped to visit my friend Joe M. who I hadn’t seen in some time. He had a friend there visiting, Kim. We were doing a good job of shooting the bull when another friend dropped in to join us. Joe put the coffee on and we went outside to a cool spot in his garden where we continued our bull session until after five, when I went on home.

Donned on me

That’s when it donned on me that I had mixed up the number of the parts and checked and sure enough, I had.

Well, it was nap time. After that I spent some time chair hopping around the yard, just enjoying the day.

Nice day.

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