Cold and Rainy, Shooting the Bull and My Phone Line Gets Repaired

Thursday March 28, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Early visitor

I was just getting it going this morning when I heard a tap on the door. It turned out to be John S. for a visit. He wanted to know if I wanted to go down the river tomorrow with him and Ray from Monte Rio to the ocean at Jenner. Of course I said yes as the river just had a big flood. The biggest flood in quite a few years so who knows what might be found flouting down the river from the flood.

Shooting the bull

We sat in the car port and shot the bull for a bit then it started to rain and there was some lightning and thunder to the west towards the ocean which is a rarity for this area. As we sat and shot the bull it got colder and colder so John soon took off.

Cold rainy day

I let the chickens out and fed them. They went out in the rain and didn’t seem to mind the rain much. I went back in the house and had another cup of coffee. The cold rain spurted on and off all day more on than off. I had plans to do some stuff but it just wasn’t a do type of day so I hung in the house waiting for the telephone company to get my telephone line repaired  which I knew they were hard at.

The phone is fixed

Around 11 the phone rang and the repair guy said all was good to go. That meant I could use the phone and the internet to catch up on some stuff.

Canceled dental appointments

I called my dentist and canceled my two crown appointments as I already  had the crown done in Mexico which I told the lady on the phone. The comment was, hope you got a good dentist down there and I told her I did and was going to have to change how I do  my dental stuff from now on. I did make a cleaning appointment in six months as I really need to keep my dentist here just in case I can’t get down to Mexico.

Debit card problem

Next I called my debit card company to see why I couldn’t use it on my trip as it just wouldn’t work. Turns out they blocked it because I used it outside my area which I’d done before without any problems. Seems I have to call them to use it for traveling now. Good of them to inform me of that.

Modifying chicken nest boxes

There was a break in the rain but it was still cold. I went out to see what I need to do to modify my chicken nest boxes but the rain soon started again so I gave up on that idea for now. I have two big nesting boxes and I want to make one of the big boxes into three or four nesting boxes that are smaller as only one chicken will lay eggs in the big boxes at a time. They don’t seem to like doubling up.

The sun popped out for several short periods but it just didn’t warm up today so most of it was spent in the house doing internet stuff and a bit of napping too.

That was my day cold and rainy.

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  1. George Yates says:

    Nice that you got you phone working again and figured out your debit card issue

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