Monte Rio Kayak Drift to Jenner With John and Ray on the High Muddy Water

Friday March 29, 2019 Monte Rio, Jenner CA.

A day on the Russian River kayaking

John contacted me yesterday to see if I wanted to kayak down the river from Monte Rio to Jenner. I said yes of course. I met him and Ray at the Monte Rio parking lot where we put our boats by the ramp and I drove on down to Jenner where we left John’s truck so we could get back to Monte Rio later then I drove him back to Monte Rio where Ray was watching our boats.

Just after a flood last week

The river water was high and muddy and about 15 feet or so higher than summer water levels from all the recent rains. Guerneville had a flood about a week ago so no telling what might have floated down the river during that time.

Monte Rio boat ramp

Here we are putting in at the Monte Rio boat ramp around 11 AM this morning to a sorta sunny day. Sorta as we got rained on later.ramp1


Here we are just after putting into the river and starting our drift down the river.river2


Oh oh rain up ahead

Just up ahead we ran into a good rain shower that was getting us all wet as none of us put on rain pants as it wasn’t supposed to rain today. rain3


The rain came down hard so we did the best we could to pull under a tree on the river’s edge but we got pretty wet as it lasted longer than we thought it would. But we’d dry out.

After the rain shower stopped we continued on down the river going by here just below Moscow hole and just above Casini’s RV campground up ahead.boats4


Drifting along

We are drifting along just below Duncan’s Mills bridge.boats5


We went by these goats up on the hillside. Plenty of grass to eat up there so they were taking it easy.goats6


Nesting area

The osprey are starting to nest for the year.osprey7


Just to the right of the osprey nest is this great blue heron rookery. I’m sure there are lots of birds up there sitting on eggs but I couldn’t see any. There’s more than ten nests up in that tree. You can see the clumps that are nests.nesting8


We were surprised to see this turtle out down this way.turtle9


As we were pulling into shore for a lunch break we passed by this great blue heron who gave us a squawk.heron11


Lunch break

We pulled into this spot for our lunch break.lunch12


After about a half hour lunch we put our boats back in the water and went by these two geese feeding along the shoreline.geese13


And across the river these cormorants were resting with the seagull. The water’s a bit muddy for fishing right now.cors14


Dock adrift

Just below Markham hole I spotted this dock that got away from someone up stream during the recent flood. It’s upside down so it’s going to be  hard for someone to turn it back over without a crane. John decided to push it out in the river and start it down the river. He had to work at it but finally got it in the current and away it went.dock15


Once the dock was in the river’s current we were wondering how we’d stop it in the fast current.

This grebe paddled by us along the shoreline.grebe15


Docked the dock at Bridge Haven

As the dock went under the bridge at Bridge Haven it got into an eddy so we were able to stop it there just below the bridge and John tied it to a log there and we left it there for someone else to deal with. At least this should keep it from going out into the ocean.dockup16


We continued on were we passed by these birds, mostly turkey vultures. One of them is eating a big fish, the one by the seagull.vultures17


Jenner boat ramp

John and Ray made it to the Jenner Boat ramp first where we pulled our boats out of the water around 4 PM.ramp2


We loaded our boats in John’s truck and he  drove us back to Monte Rio were we unloaded our boats on our cars and headed on home for the day.

I needed a nap when I got home, a good long one and that was pretty much my day for a good one.

Nice day on the river even with the bit of rain we had.

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