Cold Day Good For Watching Old Cowboy Films

Tuesday March 9, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Cold day

This morning when I went out to let the chickens out to graze for the day it was spitting hail a bit and cold for our area.

Shot near Yuma

I went back in the house and watched a couple old western cowboy pictures on YouTube. The movies where shot around the Yuma area so it sorta felt like I was down in Arizona as a lot of the scenery looked familiar.

Raining now

Late in the afternoon the cold rain picked up a bit so no use going out in it.

I’d eaten a hand full of nuts which turned my stomach inside out and make me feel very bad so I went to lay down on the bed. After a bit I undressed and got comfortable and stayed there for the rest of the day until I felt better late in the evening.

Chicken chores

I remembered I hadn’t shut the chickens in for the night so grabbed my umbrella and made a quick dash to the chicken pen and shut them up. It was cold out there so I didn’t dally and made my way back into the house quickly.

Some days are like that

Occasionally one gets a day like today and that’s just the way it is and lucky if you only get one day occasionally like this.

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