Unusually Cold Rain Raining Down In Our Area

Wednesday March 10, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Cold rainy day

My upset stomach last night was likely from eating too much meat too soon after a fast and having not eaten much meat lately as I’ve eaten the nuts before without any problems.

I had a hard night but today I’m doing ok, except for the weather around here.

Cold and rainy

It rained a lot last night on and off. Today when I went out to let the chickens out it was colder than it usually gets around here.birds


And it was spitting and raining a cold rain all day on and off, sometimes heavy, so not a day to spend outside.

My kind of snow

The cold rain knocked most of the white plum blossoms off the trees.sjt


Spring continues

But the peach trees are starting to put on some color.tree


The cold rain drove me back in the house so I did a little cleaning up.rain


Late in he afternoon I drove on down to John S.s  place for a visit with him and his wife. I shot the bull with them until they started dinner when I went on home. Still too cold to be outside so I went in the house and that was it for  me today.

Nice lazy day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Funny what we all get used to. Not sure what ‘cold’ is to you in your neck of the woods. I’ve been thinking all along that you seem to have almost perfect weather up there! :)

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