Computer Troubleshooting and Checking the Water in the Spring system

Saturday June 6, 2015 Guerneville CA.

The computer

My day started off with my older brother Mike bringing his computer by as it was having some serious dying problems. After looking at the computer and checking it out, I determined his video card was getting too hot and shutting down. It turned out the video card cooling fan wasn’t working. My brother thought he had another video card back at his house, so he took off just after noon.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do today? I was thinking of going kayaking, maybe in the evening. And I needed to take a ride up the hill and check the spring water system to see if there was enough water this year and just make sure it was all working well.

Checking out the spring water system

I decided to take the ride up the hill so I got my little quad runner ready to go. I grabbed my camera and took off. These two turkey vultures flew into this tree as I passed. vultures


I looked around to see if there was something they were eating close by, but I didn’t detect anything, so I continued on up the hill to the water storage tanks going through this meadow area.trees


Water storage tanks

I traveled up the old road to the tanks and this is what it looked like as I approached.watertanks


I checked the water tanks to see how full they were and they were full to the top which was good.

I drove just past the water tanks and  stopped here to walk up the gulley to check the water flowing down the hill from the springs, which goes into the tanks.tanks


Measuring the water coming from the springs

I measured the two water sources coming into the system. One had three gallons a minute and the other had just under two gallons a minute. That means there is about five gallons a minute coming into the tanks from the springs, or three hundred gallons an hour.

I measure with a watch and a gallon paint bucket like this. You watch your watch to see how long it takes to fill the gallon can and that tells how well the springs are working.measurewater


Something moved up ahead  by the tree

There seemed to be a good flow of water this year. I continued on up the hill to check out how the water springs looked and went on this road. I stopped to take some pictures of the road and the wild flowers and just barely noticed something move just below the center of the picture to the right of the big tree.road


Looking closer, I could see a buck deer there hiding and hoping I wouldn’t see it.deer2


It took off when I continued up the road. I stopped here in this fern patch to check out a couple small springs.ferns


Guerneville in the forest

As long as I as riding around I went to the top of the hill and looked down on the little town of Guerneville here.Guerneville2


The building with the big white roof just upper right center is the Safeway store in town. The Russian River runs just behind that building from left to right.guerneville


Rode around checking out some roads too

As long as I was riding around up there, I rode around and checked the road for downed trees stuff that was blocking the road from the storms of last winter.

I rode through here on the way down the hill.roads


It was after six PM when I returned home and I was tired out, so I decided to stay home and not go to the river to kayak.

I did some watering in the yard and checked out my van for what supplies I have in it and what I will need to resupply it for an upcoming trip to the Jarbidge NE. area in a couple weeks.

That pretty much wrapped up my day.

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  1. Ken Solbakken says:

    Two real nice photos of the Big Bottom as it appears today. If we had a time machine and turned it back about 150 years I’m sure the old-growth redwoods would be something to behold. Say hello to Mike for me. Ken

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