Foggy, Birds and Critters, Whistle Blowers and the Wind is Down

Sunday June 7, 2015 Jenner CA.

Things looked nice

I could see it was foggy again as I drove into Jenner this morning, but the wind was also down again so things looked nice.

Quite a chat session

I paddled across the river to the little channel on the upper end of the island and was sitting there when Ollie pulled in, in his kayak. I’d met him before. He owns one of the houses on the river down here. We were shooting the bull when John pulls in, in his kayak and about he same time Olli’s friend pulls in too, so we had quite a session of chat going on. Eventually John and I head out. John wants to go down to the river’s mouth area, so we head down the island’s back channel. As we were paddling, I suddenly spotted this female mallard duck well camouflaged. If it hadn’t moved I likely wouldn’t have seen it. Even though John was only six feet from it, he had a hard time spotting it too.

If you spotted the female mallard in the picture, did you see it’s little one on the left too? I didn’t until later. We passed by these ducks about six feet and they were still there and didn’t fly. I’m not sure the little guy can fly yet?duckys


It was foggy out, with a lot of moisture in the air, not humid though, cool in fact. Anyway, the moisture makes it hard to get clear pictures of things.

We paddled by these two big old scenic redwood stumps on the bottom end of Penny Island and headed for the mouth area.stumps


John and I stopped at the end of the island and shot the bull for quite a spell, it was real nice out.island


Kicked back

Here we are sitting there shooting the bull. You can see John is real kicked back. :O)moutharea


We slowly worked our way down towards the closed river’s mouth. There were some birds and harbor seals on the beach.critters


John heads to shore

John said he was going to shore at the jetty. I said I’ll stay on the river and head down towards the end of it.

Here’s John headed to the jetty. We think at least one of the people on shore is a seal protector person and John was going to see what he had to say.john


I thought I heard a whistle

While John was crossing I thought I heard a whistle blowing and I was looking around to see where it was coming from. I looked over by the harbor seals and they didn’t seem to be being disturbed and I wasn’t disturbing anything, nor was John.

You can see the harbor seals are doing just fine there on the shore, but I know from past experience the seal protector people or somebody blows  whistles up on the overlook.seals


The whistle blower

I looked up at the overlook and sure enough, here’s this lady blowing a whistle waving her arms signaling someone, but from down were we were, it’s hard to make out what she’s up to. Actually from our vantage point she is just making noise spooking the seals and seems pretty foolish up there doing that.lady


Here’s John on the right where he pulled ashore and was talking with the seal guy down there about the lady blowing the whistle.
They couldn’t figure out what she was blowing her whistle about either. I think the seal protection people mean well, but I don’t think some of them  think through their actions.sealpeople


White pelicans landed

While John was over there, I took pictures of these white pelicans that had landed near me.pelicans


I could see John puling away from shore, so I started back up the river going along the shoreline and went by these ducks resting. They blend into their surrounding well and are hard to see.ducks


I met up with John and we paddled along, going by these surf scoter ducks.scoters


Headed for the boat ramp

John said he was headed in for the day so we headed for the boat ramp with the fog waffling around.fog


I left John at the boat ramp and went over to the little channel at the end of Penny Island and took a break.channelisland


Up the river to muskrat

I worked my way up to the Muskrat Nest area, about a mile up the river and sat for a good long time here. Not many others on the river today for a Sunday.riverf


The ladybug encounter

As I was heading back down the river, I noticed this ladybug had landed on my pack which I keep on the front of the boat in front of me. As I watched it, it did this little dance, where it moved in a circle and exposed it’s rear section. I couldn’t make out what it was doing, maybe because I’m not a bug. Eventually, it crawled just under the edge of the flag and I continued on.ladybug


The crow

The fog was still waffling around as I got close to the town of Jenner. I saw this crow on the log with the town of Jenner in the background.crow


The crow followed me into the little channel on the end of Penny Island and I was able to get a decent picture of the bird. My camera has a hard time getting good pictures of these black looking birds, so I consider this a real good one and it’s in it’s natural habitat which makes it even better.crow2


I hung out in the channel for a bit before crossing over the river to the boat ramp and pulling out for the day.

I went on home but didn’t feel like doing much else today, so I chair hopped around my yard and that was my day.

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