Continental Divide Trail New Mexico Day 15 16

Monday August 7, 8, 2017 Continental Divide Trail New Mexico Day 15 16

Day 15 16

Dennis and Cheryl caught up with us just south of Del Norte at our camp from their motel room around 9 and we continued on down this forest road.road1


Smooth roads first

The first road we traveled was a fairly smooth one.road2



We were traveling around the mountain tops around 10 thousand feet altitude.road3


As usual I followed behind. Lucky  me it was a low dust day.road5


We stopped at this little lake for a short break before continuing on.road6


We traveled through this area still on a fairly good road.road7


Always some wrong turns

We had a few wrong turns but got back on the trail.road8


Mud puddles and rocks

Eventually the road started to get rougher with mud puddles and rocks..road9


Marty hits a big rock

Marty accidentally smashed his rear end against a big rock and broke up the rock so he was checking things out for damage, but it was all ok.van9


Mud holes

We started to hit more mud holes from the recent evening rains we’ve been having every day. Good to have 4 wheel drive for this kind of stuff.road10


These dogs came running up to us out in the middle of no where which turned out to be sheep dogs, see all the sheep.dog11


No rain please

More mud as we traveled along hoping it wouldn’t rain and really cause this road to be a mess, like in snot mud.van12


Some of the road was real rocky and we bounced along.orad13


Real rocky road

This was one of the rockiest parts of the road. Real bumpy for a mile of so.road14


We stopped at this pass for a short break before continuing on.road16


New Mexico

Sometime along that road we moved into New Mexico.

The road went into the forest and a lot of it turned to water holes we had to drive through, some pretty deep, but we made it through them all.road17


Most of the day we traveled around about 10 thousand feet altitude. We did go through two passes that were over 11 thousand feet high.

Night’s camp

The guys were looking for a camp under ten thousand feet for me. Well, we just barely got under 10,000 feet and found this camp spot along the road about 6:30 PM a bit late


We’ll spend the night here and continue south in New Mexico tomorrow.

Nice day.

Day 16

I’ve been having some more altitude sickness but not too bad.

We made it to Cuba New Mexico where the guys got a motel and I sleep.

Day 17

We are moving south today. Feeling a bit better but not up to par.

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2 Responses to Continental Divide Trail New Mexico Day 15 16

  1. Bob says:

    I guess it’s called exploring. :O) Sometimes things get a bit rough, but that’s the way an adventure goes. You just never know. And I’d surely say this has been an adventure.
    Feeling better this morning and ready for the last leg to Mexico this morning.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    I’ll say it again, Bob, you are a sucker for punishment!

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