Continental Divide Trail New Mexico Day 17

Wednesday August 9, 2017 Continental Divide Trail New Mexico Day 17

Avoiding some real muddy roads

I got a pretty good night sleep in the motel parking lot at Cuba last night. I wasn’t feeling up to par, but at least better as we hit the road around nine this morning heading south as usual.

Taking the less muddy route

Part of yesterday and a good deal of the time today we were detouring around some muddy roads that get like snot when it rains. I think we had to take about two hundred miles of paved road to get around that area, so we were traveling quite a lot of paved roads today, but not all.


Traveling south this morning.road1


We stopped here for a fifteen minute break.road2


And cruised along this road.road3


Some rocky terrain too

The terrain was changing and we went through these rocks.road4


Crossing the Divide

We crossed the actual Divide several times today on this road.road5


We made it to Grant New Mexico around noon. We shopped at a Walmart and then the guys went to lunch at a Subway before we continued on south for the day.

No rain for this section please

There was one last twenty mile long road we took. We were warned by signs not to do this road when it’s raining. It looked like we could squeak through before any evening rains so we went for it and keep moving to get this part done before looking for a camp.



We did hit a little mud on that road, but not bad and we made it though without it raining on us.road7


We haven’t seen many animals besides some cows. We did spot these two antelope running away this afternoon.anilope7


We went by this wind mill providing water for the cattle there.mill8


Making camp for the night

We turned onto a wilderness trailhead access road and drove to the end to camp for the night.

Big ol bug

As soon as I got out I spotted this inch and a half bug scooting around on the ground. This was the only one I saw with red stripes, but I saw quite a few other plain black ones around, some mating.bug


Here’s where we made camp tonight as the sun is settling in for the


Right now we are about 7,700 hundred feet altitude. My sickness seems to have passed so I’m feeling good now.

Pie Town

Tomorrow we will continue south. The guys are looking forward to a place they call Pie Town for pie of course.

We are getting close to the Mexican border and should be there in a couple days.

Nice Day.

From Pie Town

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