Cooked the Yummy Chicken and Working on the New Fridge Project

Monday March 14, 2016 Guerneville CA.

My hives finally calmed down around six AM this morning and I got about six hours sleep which was good. That meant I got up around noon and it wasn’t raining.

Roast chicken

The first thing I wanted to do was cook that chicken I bought yesterday. I lit the Weber 100 and prepped the chicken with salt and pepper while it was preheating. I then put the whole chicken in and reduced the heat to what I thought was med/low, but later found I had put it on med/high. which meant my chicken was a little overdone in an hour, but not too bad. As soon as it cooled enough, I gobbled the wings, the drum sticks and most of one of the breasts. Yummmm.

I had planned to do some work on my van today as the river is up high and I thought I’d let it drop a bit and besides I wanted to get my van projects done soon.

Tom’s golf cart woes

My brother Tom came by first thing and said his golf cart is still acting up, so I thought about how to tackle that to continue to try to get it all fixed up. The worse part is the problem is intermittent which makes it hard to trouble shoot as it’s hard to find the problem when it’s working.

Hooking up the propane

I wanted to get the propane hooked up to the new fridge, so I had to make a short pipe to hook the hose to the fridge inlet. It took a while to find the tool to flare the pipe end and a couple tries to get it right and I got that end hooked up.DSC06491


Testing for gas leaks

The other end hooked into the van’s propane  supply. I want a valve there, but for now, I just hooked it to the hose to the pipe using two clamps just for safety. I spayed a soapy water solution to  check for gas leaks and there were none.

Testing the fridge

First I plugged in the 110 volt plug to test that part out and went and had a nap. When I returned the fridge was cold so that part worked.

I then turned the van gas on and tried to light the propane. Of course it took a while to get the air out of the new gas line before it lit, but it finally did.

I then thought it was a good time to check the flame out gas shut off safety valve. I wasn’t sure that was working as it was supposed to make a load click noise when the gas was turned off.  It turned out, mine wasn’t making a load click noise, but it was working, so that was good.

Day’s almost gone

By this time the day was almost over so I spent some time looking to see what I need to do to hook up the van’s battery to the fridge and also get 110 volts to the fridge from the van circuit. This fridge will run on any one of these power sources independently of each other.

I wanted to finish getting the van’s new gauges hooked up today too, but that didn’t happen.

I’m thinking of going down to Jenner tomorrow to kayak and see what’s been going on down that way.

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