Neighbor’s Diesel Machine and a Shopping Day

Wednesday June 5, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Helping a neighbor

Tom came by this morning and said his neighbor needed some help with his backhoe machine. It won’t start. So I grabbed my volt meter and we went over there to see what I could do to  help him out. The guy seemed to know about gas engines but not much about diesel engines.

After messing with it a bit I figured it ran out of diesel and when he filled it back up, he didn’t prime the system and it had air in the lines and needed to be primed. He said he had a manual online and would read up on it, so we left him to it.

Shopping day

Among other things, I needed some tote type boxes for my van to get things organized. I took the measurements of the spaces where they would fit and took off for the shopping areas.

I found a couple of boxes that might work, so bought them.

Chicken feed

Then I drove on down to the feed store and bought some chicken feed for the chickens. Crimped barley, black sunflower seeds and some milo seeds. My chickens get those seeds and what they can find in the yard as I don’t feed them processed chicken food.


My final stop was at Costco. I finally found where they’ve been hiding the reading glasses and stocked up on those and got some stuff for me to eat.

I  headed on  home from there and put most of the stuff away, except I didn’t get to the heavy chicken feed.


I ate some more cherries off the trees and then went in for a nap.

Nice day.

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