Too Itchy to Do Much and the Thirty Dollar Chicken

Sunday March 13, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Nothing like a good case of hives to let you know you are alive

It was raining again as I got it going this morning. I had planned to get some stuff accomplished on my van today. But when I got it going, the old hives were real active and I was just one big itch, so things didn’t go as planned.

New fridge

With all the itching, I couldn’t do much if it was complicated, so I did what I could when I could.

I got the new fridge in it’s box and out in the van, but not hooked up yet, although I did study what I need to do to get it hooked up.fridge


Now that the new fridge is in there, I’m thinking I’ll likely have to do some more remodeling as I think I can do better. But for now, I want to get it hooked up and in use as the best way to find out what things need, is to use them and then make any chances if need be.

Couldn’t get the new gauges done

I really wanted to get all the wiring done on the new gauges, but I couldn’t get into putting my head under there and doing it, but I did get the gauges mounted.gauges


It was raining and cold out, so I had to go back into the house to warm up often and try to nap a little too between the itches.

Too wet to work on the raspberry patch

Our new raspberry patch is pretty soaked, but will dry out fairly quickly when the rain stops. Too bad it’s raining so much with the fruit trees starting to bloom as it’s hard on the pollination of the flowers, which means I might not get any fruit. That’s a peach tree there on the left.berrypatch


Going stir crazy

Around five PM I was going stir crazy. I was also thinking how good a chicken would taste right now. Yum. I’ve been eating mostly beef for the last mouth with very little else.

More than I’d normally pay for a chicken

So, I’m thinking maybe I’d take a chance on the organic chickens I saw down at the general store at Duncan’s Mills, a place I go by to go to Jenner to kayak. I was looking for a local chicken by Blue Legs Farm, but couldn’t’ find one there,but I did find Rosie’s organic whole chicken, thirty bucks. Now I wouldn’t normally pay that for a chicken, but with my corn allergy problem, I’m desperate. :O)

As long as I was down that way, I thought I might drive down to check out the river’s mouth, but it was raining so hard, I went back home instead and put the chicken in the sink to defrost so I can get it cooked.

River’s below flood stage

I stopped at Monte Rio on the way home to check out the river at the boat ramp. Maybe up a little higher than yesterday?rioramp


And they are taking my antihistamines away

I have my first allergy appointment on the 22nd of March and I can’t do any antihistamines a week before the appointment as it interferes with the testing they are going to do , so it should be interesting living through this next week. :O)

Such is life.

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