Corned, Cracked Hands Relief, Harvesting Vegetables for a Hearty Soup

Saturday November 11, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Just fell too cold

Once I got it going today I went outside, but the cool day just went right through me and I could see I was going to have to spend most of the day inside. It’s not that it was that cold out, but with my corn rash it messes up my skin temp sensors or something.

So I went back in the house and crawled under the covers and let the sun do it’s thing.

Glove report

Ok, Yesterday Mr. Ed in comments, advised me to use gloves to help my dried up cracking hands. He advised using Vaseline or something like it, putting it on my hands and putting surgical type cloves on for about five hours to soften up my hands.

So after reading this I immediately put on a big coat of sticky stuff and pulled a pair of xl nitrile gloves on.
That seems to help a lot because my hands were drying out and cracking up. I found it a bit hard to type though and still do.

Anyway I wore the gloves last night in bed. They kept my hands from drying out, but I found I spent a lot of  time pushing the fingers back on all the time which I finally figured out was because I was using too much sticky stuff. Today I cut that way down and found the gloves to be working much better.

Hands dry out

But when I take the gloves off my hands start to dry out again. So I tried just putting the gloves on without anything except maybe a little stuff on any stinging cracks. The gloves keep my hands from drying out just with them on. So if I put the gloves on right when my hands are still wet after a shower or a tub, the gloves seem to  hold the moisture in my skin in and my  hands seem to be doing better.

Gloves are working out

At any rate the gloves are a good tool to get my hands back in shape as I wasn’t haven’t  much success with what I as doing before. Thanks again Ed.

Building a pot of vegetable soup

In the afternoon I went outside to round up some vegetables from my brother’s garden for a pot of soup I wanted to make.

First I raided the cabbage patch and there is some broccoli on the left.gardencab


I picked some string beans and some tomatoes and got some potatoes from his walk-in fridge. And I added some onions.

The ingredients

Here’s the vegetable harvest I’m going to cut up and make a pot of vegetable soup.vegetables


Pots always too  small

Believe it or not my biggest problem in making this soup is the pot not being big enough. I could make the soup with far fewer vegetables, but I have them and I need them so the pot gets too full.

This time I cut up the potatoes and still had an inch to the top of the pot and thought I had it made this time, but then when I looked down I saw the bag of tomatoes on the floor.

Here’s the pot with some of the tomatoes in it. I added the rest after it cooked down a bit.pot


Hot tubing it

While that was cooking I sat in my hot tub for about an hour. Normally I just fill this tub up with one tank of my hot water and I can soak in it for about an hour.

I’m finding the hot water is helping me deal with the body rash and itch so I’m thinking maybe I should hook a hot tub pump and heater to one of these tubs so I could keep the hot water hot longer.

This is a five foot tub which  means there is always a part of me out of the water. I have another six foot tub I think I should try out and use if I decide to get a hot tub pump and heater for the system.tub


Soups done to perfection

After the soak, I checked the vegetable soup and tried a little. It was so good I had a bowl of it. When I finished I thought, tasty. Yummmmm.pot2


Got corned good

I screwed up the other day and ate some stuff with corn so right now it’s got me pretty good for about a week likely until it calms down, hopefully in a few more days if I can stay out of the corn. It’s not the corn itself that usually gets me, but all the stuff the make for it or grow on it that is most every thing we eat.

It’s a curse

I’ve limited my diet severely to stay away from corned stuff. Unfortunately staying away from corned stuff is the only fix for what I have and staying away from corn stuff in our food is very difficult because it is in most everything and not  labeled well.

Anyway that was my day.

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5 Responses to Corned, Cracked Hands Relief, Harvesting Vegetables for a Hearty Soup

  1. GARY CLAMPITT says:

    I’m sorry for your cracked hands. I used to have that problem before I started taking 2- 400IU softgels of Vit E each day. I have not had that problem since. good luck, Ozark Sam

  2. mister Ed says:

    OK I did you a favor,, now how about the soup recipe. Wow does that sure looks good
    I have one other thing for your hands that might help you, BUT I don’t know what the ingredients are ??
    Now after you stop laughing yourself silly,,
    most any Farm and fleet grain store should have this,, it’ll probably comes in an unmarked paper bag so you don’t have to be embarrassed at the checkout counter

    • Bob Noble says:

      Hi Ed,
      I’m ahead of you on the bagbalm. Been using it for years and I just received a 4.5 pound pail of it. Whatever is going on on my hands just doesn’t absorb much of anything. Keeping dry surgical gloves on seems to be giving them some time to heal up and stops them from cracking. They are showing some signs of improving.
      Vegetable soup has no recipe. You just take any vegetables you have on hand, cut them up and cover with water and add salt and pepper. I also use garlic and lots of onion for flavor. That pot has one whole onion in it and I would of put in two but the pot was full. I like lots of potato in there too as it’s filling and helps make a nice broth. Tomatoes had a lot of flavor too. You don’t really need a lot of vegetables to make vegetable soup, but since I have them I use them.

    • Bob Noble says:

      Oh, I just cook it until the vegetables are tender, a half hour to an hour or so. You almost can’t do it wrong.

  3. Patsy Irene says:

    Glad the gloves are working on the dry hands.
    That is a wonderful looking harvest of veggies! Your soup looks delicious!

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