Cutting the Tree Off the Spring Water Line and Trail Work

Saturday June 26, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Citrus trees

I’ve been giving my two citrus trees some water every couple of days as I need to get them growing as they aren’t very big, only one year old.citrus


Sharping the Chainsaw

And my chainsaw needed it’s chain sharpened up and also needed fuel an oil so I took care of that and then loaded it on the quad runner  for the next job.chainsaw


Tree on the spring water line

Here’s where the quad runner got parked after riding it up into the hills where there was a tree down on one of my spring water lines that needed to be cut off the line.quad


The tree

Here’s the downed tree, it’s about 100 feet long so I have to watch it doesn’t take off down the hill when I cut it.tree


I made a couple cuts on it and it stayed were it was.saw


The water line was really tangled up in that tree so I had to work at it a bit more to get it out of there.pipe


Freed waterline

It successfully got removed from the tree.piping


The water line was pretty mangled up but it was soft and I was able to get it back into working order and there were no holes in it. I’ll likely replace it eventually.twistedpipe


Old trail

From there I rode over to the canyon where I was working on the old trail.

Waterfall trail

There is a waterfall near the old trail so I thought I’d clear that trail off too so I went up to check it out and throw sticks and rocks off it for a start.

It’s a nice area to work and before I knew it, it was evening. Time to call it a day and go on home and relax.

Nice day.

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  1. Terry P says:

    Tree on the waterline. From Pa Kettle, I’ll have to fix that one of these days. From Ma Kettle, yep, yep.

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