Frozen Freezer and Working On a Redwood Forest Trail

Friday June 25, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Cold stuff

About a week ago I went to get some meat out of the freezer and found it like this. I discovered the door wasn’t closing at the bottom and this is what happens when air gets in.

Today I needed to remove the meat and defrost it.freezer1


I had to turn the garden hose on it to get the top shelf meat out. Now I will let it sit for awhile to get all the ice melted. I covered up the meat with a blanket so it should be ok.frieezer2


Trail work

I got the chainsaw out and rode the quad runner up into the redwood forest as I  had a couple of things to cut up there to clear a trail.

I stopped at this spot to work on the trail.quad3


This log was laying on the trail so I removed a section of it and moved it out out of the way.trail4


The trail goes up through these ferns.trail5


I cut this log off so now it’s easier to get by.trail6


One thing I’m lacking on this trail is chairs so I set this log up to cut it into some smaller chairs.log7


New chairs

Two new chairs. I would of cut more but my chain was dull and I was having a hard time cutting things straight so that would be enough for now.seats8


Rotten log

This rotten log needed to be rolled off the trail so I did that. One has to watch out for scorpions as they like to live in this stuff.log9


Much better now I can get by.trail10


I rode on down the trail and stopped at this spot to trim that log back some more as it was sticking out too far. The dull saw made it harder but I worked on it and got it cut.log12


I rode on home going by the water tanks to check the water level which looked good.

The new tires were working out good.

Once home a nap was needed and the rest of the day was spent chair hopping around the yard and just enjoying the evening.

Nice day.

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