Cutting Up a Big Tree and Making a Video of the Spring Tapping Operation

Sunday May 15, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Elm tree down

When I came home from my trip to Usal, I noticed a big elm tree had fallen from the highway across my fence and into my yard knocking my fence down so today I needed to do something about it.

Here’s the pile of the fallen tree, which fell from the right side to the left side.treedown


Fence is down

I needed to get the stump part off the fallen fence so I could put the fence back up which is mostly to keep the deer out of my yard. I’m cutting up the tree trunk on the left side as it’s sitting on top of the fallen fence crushing it as it’s a chain link type.stump


Stuck the saw good

I wasn’t paying attention and stuck the tip of my saw in this tree when the tree twisted a bit. I finally got a big five foot steel digging bar to pry the cut open enough to get the saw out so I could continue to work.sawstuck


Lots of chain saw noise

Once the saw was free, I decided to give it a break and gas, oil and sharpen the saw. Its’ also Sunday and their were a bunch of people arriving to the park next door and I thought they might not appreciate the chain saw noise,  and besides I needed a break.

Working on the spring tapping video

I spent most of the rest of the day putting my spring tapping videos I took yesterday together and making a video movie out of it so I can post it on my channel on UTube. I decided not to do any editing on it and just put the parts together, so I could get it posted sooner. It’s been uploading most of the day and still is.

It finally uploaded and here the address to the video of the spring tapping John and I did.

Low cost, easy to make sanitary spring tapping for water video

Getting the fence back up

Around six PM, I donned my safety stuff and continued to cut up the big tree, until I got it down to this.  I still have a lot of the tree to cut up, but I just wanted to get it off the fence so I could put it back up.wood


You can see where I put some poles to prop the fence back up until I can repair it properly.fence


I finished that just before dark, but still had a bit of time to sit in the yard and enjoy the evening.

That was my day.

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