Momma Deer and Her Twins Swam the River From Penny Island to Safety

Monday May 16, 2016 Jenner CA.

Looked like a nice day to paddle the estuary

The sun was out and the wind was down as I put my boat in the water at Jenner this morning. I paddled across to Penny Island and headed on up the river looking like this.russianriver


Did you notice

I was checking out this great blue heron.heron


When I noticed the two little deer in the background. Did you?

Something’s going on here

I watched as the momma deer and her twins seemed to want to approach the water right in front of me, but they got scared as I was close and went back into the island by the milk barn, but shortly they came back and approached the water again right in front of me.deer


Are the deer going to swim across the river

There must have been something on Penny island that they didn’t like, I suspect a bobcat. Right in front of me, they walked into the water and started across the river.deercross


It appeared they were going to cross the river as I watched and paddled a bit closer.deercroos2


Sure enough, they swam across the river to the north shoreline as I watched and followed them.deerswim


They headed for shore going through some deep water.deerswim3


They got out here and finally found a place to go on up the hill and disappeared.deercrossed


I left them and continued on up the river on the south shoreline and stopped here at the old redwood log graveyard for a spell.logs


Across the river, I could see some cormorants resting on the opposite shoreline.cormorants


River otter’s swim by me

While I was checking out the cormorants, two river otters swim by me going up the river, so I followed them.otters


They stopped for just a bit here at eagle’s landing to do some marking, then continued on up the river and I lost them shortly after that.otters2


I paddled on up to the muskrat area and sat for a bit, then crossed over the river to Paddy’s rock where these ducks were hanging out.ducks


I paddled down along the north shoreline looking for birds, but didn’t find much, so I crossed back over the river to the Swamp rock trailhead area where I jumped this great blue heron that squawked and took off.heron2


Going to shore to hunt berries

I went to shore at the swamp rock trailhead as I wanted to look for some berries to eat and was wondering if any were ripe enough yet.kayak


Most of the little black berries I was too early for yet, but I did find some to eat. I found more ripe salmon berries and for some reason most of them tasted pretty good. Sometimes the salmon berries aren’t very sweet and not good tasting but today they tasted pretty good and with some sweetness and good flavor so I ate a bunch of them.

Salmon berries always look real good, but don’t always taste real good, but these did today.salmon


I walked up the Poison Oak Alley trail a ways which goes up along the river, looking for ripe berries and then returned to my boat.

This green night heron was fishing by the shoreline and I watched it for a bit, following it down the river as it fished along catching little tiny fish of some sort.greenheron


I decided not to go down to the open river’s mouth today, so headed on over to the boat ramp and took my boat out of the water and went on home for the day.

Robin’s are eating my blue berries

At home I puttered around the yard and noticed that the robins where eating my blue berries as fast as they were turning blue, so I found the cover I used last year and covered the blue berry patch with it to keep the birds out so I can get some of those ripe berries.

Dug some potatoes too

But before I covered up the blueberry patch I dug some of the potatoes that grow in the berry patch and got about a half bucket of them.

The rest of the day I just sat around the yard enjoying the passage of time.

Another nice day.

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