Cutting Up the Downed Madrone Trees in the Driveway

Wednesday February 22, 2017 Guerneville CA.

A good day to tackle this job

With the river up and the wind blowing I decided I might as well stay home today and cut up that madrone tree that fell down in the driveway the other day during a storm.

The sun was out here and the temperature was just about right to do some work.

I got my tools out and just started to get to work on the downed trees picking up some of the brush.treecut


Fire trucks show up

When some fire trucks with lights blinking drove by and stopped just up the road from me, so I was wondering why they stopped on the road where they did as I couldn’t see any reason to stop there, so I walked up to find out what they were up to.trucks


It turns out they were cutting some branches off the road as someone had reported it to them.firetrucks


Just cutting some branches off the road.fireguys


Getting back to my project

I went back to my trees and started packing the brush to the habitat pile to get it out of the way so I could get in there with my chainsaw to cut up the wood.tree


I was making good progress getting the brush out of the way so now I could cut up the wood with the chainsaw and I started cutting it up.trees


My neighbor helps out

It wasn’t long and my neighbor showed up to help out so I assigned him the wheel barrel to haul the cut up wood over to the wood pile about a hundred yards away.helper


There he goes with the next to the last load. I picked up some more of the smaller brush that was left and hauled it to the brush pile.done


Finishing up

This is with the trees cut up as much as I wanted to and some of the small brush pieces are left, but good enough for now.cutup


Thanks to my neighbor

My neighbor coming by sure helped out or I might not have gotten this done.

The habitat pile is getting rather large and I still have more brush to pile on it.brush


After we finished I sat around and shot the bull with the neighbor until the day started to cool down and that was my day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Sounds like you earned your dinner that night! Nice job.

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