Getting the Chainsaw Ready and Stacking Brush

Tuesday February 21, 2017 Guerneville CA.

The chainsaw needs some major attention

It wasn’t raining today, but it was cool outside so it wasn’t very inviting. I hung in the house for a good part of the day.

But first I have to get it going

Meaning me, not the chainsaw. Around 3 PM or so I thought maybe a cup of coffee might get me going so I made one of those and drank it and sure enough, the next thing I knew I was outside.

I needed to get the big tree cut up that fell in my driveway. That meant I needed to service the chainsaw before I could cut up that down tree as the last time I used the chainsaw, I’d dulled the chain and stretched it out some so it needed adjusting too.

Taking it apart

I could see it hadn’t been apart in quite some time, so I removed the chain bar and parts so I could clean all the parts up and also clean out the chain oiling hole. I turned on the air compressor and hunted up what tools I’d need to do the job. My gloves were the hardest to find as the last rain storm’s wind had blown them under my van. They sure had me stumped for awhile because I knew I’d just used them not long ago.

Once the air compressor was up to it’s pressure, I used the air to blow out all the parts. Here’s the saw with all the dirty bar parts off ready to start cleaning.sawpart


Compressed air does a good job

I used the air to blow off all the parts which made things fairly easy and noticed the bar had sharp edges that needed to be filed off, so I used my hand file to deburr the bar’s edges.

Here’s the chain saw parts deburred and ready to put back together.saw


Chain gets sharpened up too

Once I had it back together I sharpened up the chain and greased the tip wheel as the chain has been running dry. OK, that’s done and ready to go when I get time to tackle the downed tree in the driveway, maybe tomorrow.

Habitat pile gets bigger

There was still a little time before it was going to get dark, so I spent that time piling about half of those tree limbs off the downed madrone tree onto the top of the habitat pile on the left.brush


The habitat pile is getting a bit high so the branches need to be tossed high which is a bit hard on the back and that’s why I’m doing just a little at a time.

Eventually darkness fell

I was sitting in the yard just enjoying the day when darkness fell. I had generated some heat while working so I was able to handle the cool so I sat there for about an hour before going in for the day.

And that was my day.

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