Day 8, Short Drive Day To Camp On a Ridge Top

Sunday October 4, 2020 McKinney Pass, Nevada

Short camp move day

This morning I was walking around camp while Marty was putting his stuff away getting ready to travel to our next camp spot when I noticed this plastic jar in the brush which was odd.cash1


Bottle full of goodies

You never know what might be in a bottle out here so I opened it u cautiously. To my surprise there was a little piggy in it among other stuff. I signed the log and put all the stuff back.cashgoods2


The little piggy that says, eat beef.piggy3


Headed out

We got all packed up and headed out to the main road down this road.road4


Ridge road

We crossed the main road here and drove on up the other side to find a camp spot on that road so we didn’t have to drive very far today.roads5


The road started out up the ridge and wasn’t too bad.road6


We travelled driving pretty much on the ridge top all the way you can see the road to make camp on the ridge top.road7


The road went up  here.road8


And down there before the road got too rough for us and was nearing it’s end.road9


Make camp

I told Marty, far enough for me, let’s make camp. He’d seen a small spot in the junipers just back up the road from where we


It was only noon when we pulled in so we set up camp and relaxed for the day.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Day 8, Short Drive Day To Camp On a Ridge Top

  1. Nancy K says:

    It’s a geocache. They are marked on a map and people try to find them. Once found, they note it on the Geocache App, then sign the log. If you take something from the cache, you have to leave something. If you have nothing, you leave a quarter. That one was a long way out in the boonies!!

  2. Larry says:

    The bottle full of goodies most likely was a geocache. I geocache when I can and love to go to out of the way places to find them Nice hobby for an old guy like me.

    Looks like you two are having a great time just wandering around. Nice to have a travel partner your age and with each having a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

    Have fun out there.

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