Day 7 Desert Exploring Beacon Camp Nevada

Saturday October 3, 2020 McKinney Pass, Stillwater Mountain Range Nevada

Four wheeling desert roads

We got on the road today around 11. We didn’t have far to go only up the road about ten miles or so to McKinney Pass where we hoped to find another camp spot up a side road at the pass.

We had to go  quite a ways down the road we were camped on taking our time as some of it was rough.road1


The main road is a main one and in pretty good shape and kept up well.road2


There were some wild horses in the area staying their safe distance.horses3


McKinney pass road

We turned right up this road at McKinney pass and drove out to the end, well almost to the end as the end was too rough for us.road4


Beacon camp

We stopped here at the site of an old beacon likely for WW2 planes. The main reason we stopped here is the road that goes on up to the top of the mountain is real rough and steep, not for us.camp5


We pulled in and made camp.vans6


Walk to the top

After settling in and resting up I decided to walk up the rough road to the top of the mountain if I could make it going up this road.road8


Looking down at our camp spot as I went up the road.camp6


Real rough road

This road was too rough for us and walking was the way to go.road9


Old Beacon Mountain top

This was the only thing left of the beacon on the top of the hill and it had a nice view all around the area.beacon10


On the way down I hopped off the road here and there to explore around taking my time to get back.

Horse trail walk with Marty

I gave Marty my report and rested up until around 5. Marty said he could maybe make a walk out the horse trail that started near our vans so off we went down the horse trail.trail11


We took our time and made it to a ridgeback which was our goal. After looking around the ridge at the horse stuff, mostly trails and some lay down sites we headed on back.walk12


That little walk was about right for Marty and since I’d already been for a walk to the top of the hill I was pretty tired out too.

That turned out to be a real nice camp spot.


We could see another side road across the main road where we turned to get here and Marty said we should go on that road tomorrow. I said ok, but if we do we will camp on it. We’ve been looking for a camp spot to spend a couple of days at but haven’t succeeded doing that so if we just move the short distance to that spot about a half hour away it should suit the purpose and almost be like camping in the same spot for two days.

We enjoyed this camp spot, nice and peaceful.

Nice day.

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