Digging Up BlackBerry Vines and Puttering in the Yard

Thursday April 9, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Cool today

It was  a bit overcast and cool this morning when I went outside to feed the chickens so I was back in the house for awhile to warm up.

I was expecting a fuel oil delivery sometime today so I needed to stay around the house which I did. But he didn’t show up.

Blackberry vines

I got the shovel out and dug out some more blackberry vines on and off throughout the day. They seem to be sprouting up all over the yard right now so there’s lots of them.

I gave the chickens a little extra feed in the afternoon. They always seem to be hungry.chickens


Mixing feed

While I was in the feed shed I mixed up some more chicken feed and am now ahead on that.


The new chicks are doing well grazing around in the grow pen with momma. I threw a little extra seed in there for them to dig up.chicks


Before I knew it the day was cooling down so I went on in for the day, returning a bit later to shut up the chickens and that was my day.

Nice lazy day puttering around in the yard.

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One Response to Digging Up BlackBerry Vines and Puttering in the Yard

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Look at all those chickens! You say they eat a lot, well there isn’t much else a chicken can do. ha ha They can’t watch tv or read or go for a bike ride. :)
    Love the baby chicks, I’m ready for another summer of those pictures.

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