Eggs and a Putt Putt Dirt Bike Ride

Wednesday April 8, 2020 Guerneville CA


First thing this morning, around noon, there was a knock at my door. It was  my brother Tom asking if I had any eggs to sell as they seem to be in short supply in most of the world right now and the market called and said they were out of eggs. Hummm, yes I have about 12 dozen extra ones. He took the eggs and processed them for sale.

It’s interesting that eggs are in short supply. People must be eating more eggs these days than I thought, or something.

Swallows are back

When I went outside this morning I noticed the swallows were back. I knew one of my nesting boxes had fallen off it’s post during a storm last winter and it needed to be put back up so it can be used. I got the ladder out and a screwdriver and repaired it and put it back


Nest box fixed

It’s a rather old nest box but it still works and they are happy with it.birdhoiuse


No get up and go

I wasn’t doing too good today because I’d overdone it yesterday and wore myself out too  much. Something about older age I suppose.

Anyway I felt like a truck ran over me and didn’t have any get up and go so I did a lot of chair hopping for part of the day. The sun was out so that was nice at least.

Putt putt dirt bike ride

After doing that for  most of the day I decided I was good enough to go for a putt, putt dirt bike ride up in the hills, just going along not too fast and taking it easy.

So I got the dirt bike out and rode it up to this spot where I looked around for a water spring, but didn’t go far. Being spring everything is nice and green.spring


After a short time there I jumped back on the bike and rode it to the ridge top for the view.


This is the town of Guerneville with a bit of fog from the ridge top.guerneville


After a short time there I continued on my ride going through here.trail


Ever Green Pass

A few miles later and I was here where I decided to stop to take some pictures of a place we played when we were kids, a long time


Here’s the view from there, a place we used to call Ever Green Pass.evergreen


On that flat spot in the center is were we made a small shelter out of the  small Christmas trees, fir trees to some. We’d hike up to it from our houses and eat lunch. I’m not sure we ever stayed up there?pass


I continued my ride on this road.road


Pig Wallow Spring

And stopped at this spring I call Pig Wallow Spring. I needed to check it out. It seems to be plugging up for some reason so I will need to dig it out and redo it eventually.springpig


This is how much water comes out of it when it’s working as it should.water


Lots of ferns and sorrel in this area.ferns


Ferns and sorrel.fern


From there I headed on this road towards home.road2


Strawberry patch

I stopped at my brother’s strawberry patch to see how it was coming along, the berries I mean. No berries but there were lots of blooms.patch


Feeling better

I rode on home and put the bike away and sat down and did some chair hopping for the rest of the day.

I was feeling much better after the bike ride but still took it easy and rested up.

Nice sunny day.

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  1. Lois Avci says:

    That and it’s Easter tomorrow.

  2. Lois Avci says:

    Reason for a run on eggs? My best guess is people who only know how to cook eggs and are stuck in their houses due to Covid-19.

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