Dirt Bike Ride Checking Out Our Springs and a Nesting Chicken

Friday 13, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Checking springs

The dirt bike needed it’s battery charged up and I needed to check on our water springs to see how they were doing.

I rode the dirt bike up to here and parked.dirtbike


Then I walked down this trail to check a water line from a spring.trail


Lots of water

I’ve been letting the water run out all winter as we don’t need that much water in the winter.water


Lots of water running out and not into the tanks. I’ll put this one into the tanks after the rains that are supposed be be coming this week.water2


I rode up to this spring and  had a look at it. It’s doing ok.spring



And of course I rode the bike to the ridge top to take a look at the town of Guerneville, but I couldn’t see it for the fog.ridgetop


I rode around for a bit then rode over to this spring. I added this one to the main line to help fill the water tanks.spring2


Checking on the dozer

On the way down I stopped at our bulldozer to see what was going on. My brother Tom was using it and ran it out of fuel so it has to be primed to get it started. Another day for that as the battery needs charged up.dozer


Nesting chicken

While I was out sitting in a chair in the yard this evening I heard the chickens having some kind of fuss. I went over to  a big redwood tree and at it’s base I found this hen sitting on a a nest outside of the chicken pen. Seems she is sitting on about 10 or 12 eggs she’s trying to hatch out. I left her at it and we’ll see how things turn out.nesting


I spent most of the day puttering around the yard seeing what needs to be done for spring as it’s on the way.

Nice day.

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