Last Leg Traveling Home and the Yard Needs Watering

Wednesday March 11, 12, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Traveling home

Yesterday I drove the last leg home. I took a couple short cuts.

This one is a nice one around Colusa, CA. through the Colusa Bird Refuge that by passes the city of Colusa.

How nice, a dirt road and a bird refuge.

Colusa Bird Refuge

I stopped here for a good break along the road of the refuge.van


It looked like a good place to kayak but I doubt it is allowed.refuge


Lots of water looks nice.refuge2


I heard some birds overhead that looked like this Not sure what kind they were but they made a lot of noise.birds



I arrived home around 4 PM and was beat from driving.

I checked on the chickens and sat around for the rest of the day, resting up.

Happy chickens

Here’s some of my chickens as they went to roost for the night. They all seem to be doing well, so my assistant Dominique did a good job taking care of them while I was away.chickens



Watering the yard

When I arrived home I noticed the ground was drying out from not enough rain so I watered the yard all day moving the sprinklers around to do it. Lots of fruit trees were blooming so I tried not to get the blossoms wet too much.water


Plums and cherries are blooming in this picture so I watered them carefully trying not to get the blossoms wet.trees


I watered everywhere the weeds were growing as they make good chicken feed.water2


This is one of my peach trees in bloom.ptree


Darn Radiator fluid leak

I noticed my van has a small radiator fluid leak. I noted it on the way home but I couldn’t find out where it was leaking and it was a small leak so I didn’t worry about it as I figured it’d make it home ok and it did. But now I need to find out where it’s leakingleak



I worked a bit around the yard. Around 4 PM I pooped out and went in for a nap and just couldn’t get it going for the rest of the day so I napped and took it easy.

Nice day puttering around the yard and nice to be home.

Nice to be home

When I travel, it’s nice but it’s even nicer to be home as I live in one of the nicest places in the world and the travel always makes me appreciate that.

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2 Responses to Last Leg Traveling Home and the Yard Needs Watering

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    welcome home! (that’s what your chickies are saying)
    I like your last sentence about travel and then returning home. You do have a lovely spot. We feel the same even though we don’t own the land we park on.

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