Dirt Bike Ride To Check Out a Neighbor’s Water Spring

Saturday 7, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Aloe Vera

I noticed these flowers were blooming this morning as I went by them. Aloe Vera flowers.verdi1


These volunteer raspberry plants are growing better than the ones in the raspberry patch, likely because this area got mulched before the raspberry patch did as it’s right outside the blueberry patch.patch2


The berry vines have lots of little buds on them so we’ll be in the raspberries soon.buds3


Helping a neighbor

I had been talking with a neighbor about helping him tap one of his springs and was curious what his spring area looked like so I hopped on the dirt bike and rode on up to his place for a visit.

This is road up to his place.sky4


And this is a view of the coastal mountain range looking west.range5


Neighbor’s place

I pulled up to his gate and parked the bike in the ditch. The dogs came out barking and I couldn’t rise anyone so no one was home.bike6


His spring

I jumped back on the bike and started to head on home when I decided I’d go have a look at his spring as I knew where it was, not far from his house, just up the hill a bit.

The springs were in some big ferns which I pushed back to find the water which had a good flow to it. I would have measured the flow if I had a gallon can to do it. So at least I thought it’d be a good idea to set him up to measure the flow so I kicked up a small dam with my feet and installed some pipe that was laying around the area.ferns7


Pool of water

Here’s the little pool of water I made and installed the half inch pipe. The pipe does two things. It collects the water so I can measure the flow and it diverts the water out of the ditch, so after a time the ditch should dry up unless there is more water coming out of the ground in the ditch. If more water comes out of the ditch below, it mean another spring that could be tapped. There was enough water to fill the half inch pipe which meant it was a good flow and worth tapping.water8



I checked out this littlie shed near by to see what it was.shed9


It turned out to be a pump shed. The spring he already has tapped serves a couple neighbors besides his place and with the drought there’s not enough water for them all.pumps10


One neighbor has solar panels for his electric pump. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with all the pumps but I’ll find out when I catch up with the neighbor.solar11


Good spring

Even though the neighbor wasn’t home I found out what I wanted to know about the spring he wants to tap. There certainly is enough water there to be worth tapping it,  more than enough water.

Gate out

I hopped on the bike and headed on home going through the gate on the edge of their property. There’s a hole in the fence on the left which is good as I can’t seem to remember the gate’s combination.gate12


I headed for home going the long way just for the ride.

Downed tree

We’ve been having some strong winds the last few days which knocks over old dead trees. I ran into this one but it was too heavy for me to move so I turned around and found another road.tree13


Nice day.

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