Planning a Trip With Marty and I Catch Up With My Neighbors Up In the Hills

Sunday May 8, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Cold windy rain

I went out to feed the chickens this  morning and after that was sitting around. A cold wind came in with some cold rain showers. It didn’t’ last long, the rain that is but the cold wind kept it up on and off throughout the day.

My big red rose is blooming nicely.redrose1


Marty visits

Around noon my friend Marty came by with his old van. We sat around and shot the bull all afternoon and planned a trip up the coast north of us to a place called Usal which is on the ocean.marty2


The plan is to go up there for about a week and camp along the ocean and do some rock fishing.

More cold rain

Just about the time he was ready to leave it started to blow cold with big rain drops. He took off for home.

Visiting neighbors

I’d wanted to go back up into the hills and see if I could catch my neighbor at home to talk to him about tapping his water spring. The rain was just letting up but still raining lightly when I jumped on the dirt bike and headed up the hill. I was hoping the rain would stop or I was going to get wet. It did stop so I was dry.

The clouds as I rode up to his place, just after the rain stopped.view3


Neighbors’ place

I was able to catch him home just before he headed over to another neighbors so we were able to go over to his spring and discuss what needed to be done.

That done I joined him and another neighbor as they drove on over to the other neighbor’s place just down the hill from his place.

We stopped to open the gate here.gate4


Rob stopped to say something here before heading on down the road to the neighbors.rob5


Getting dirt

We made it to the other neighbor’s place were we all shot the bull for a bit. They wanted to put this potting soil in the truck with the little tractor but they had to remove the tail gate to get the tractor bucket into the truck to dump the dirt.dirt6


They loaded up the dirt in the truck so I said my good byes and left them at it and went on home.loading7


Nice day.

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  1. Patritia I Richards says:

    Lots going on up there in the hills. Nice to keep in contact with your neighbors.
    We’ve had more wind already this spring than usual.

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