Ditch Digging, Flowers and Chickens and Crab

Thursday February 9, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Ditch digging day

I figure I have a couple more days digging this ditch of the main water line. I worked on digging most of the day. I’m getting there.ditch


I quit sometime after four and went back to my place and did some chair hopping with the chickens.

I looked at these raspberry plants I cut yesterday but wasn’t ready to pick up the cut vines  just yet.vines


I walked out the driveway to find another chair to sit in going by the daffodils.daffs


These yellow ones seem to be my brightest colored ones.dills


Spring is here

The tree on the far right is a plum tree and is blooming, so yes, spring must be here.plumtree


I also noticed these California Dutchmen’s pipes are blooming. They are about an inch and there are lots of them. You can see why they call them pipes.pipes


My buddies

The chickens pretty much follow me around when I switch chairs.chickens


The main rooster is on the right with his girls.birds


Here’s the old main rooster on the left with the young rooster on the right that will soon be the main rooster.roosters


This will soon be the main rooster when the older one goes in my meat pot.roosty



And my brother Tom gave me some crab for dinner tonight. Yummy.crab


Nice day.

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3 Responses to Ditch Digging, Flowers and Chickens and Crab

  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Spring already!! That’s crazy that you have daffodils and blossoms! I love the Dutchman’s Pipe – is it a vine? I wonder if it would grow in our neck of the woods back home? I’m going to check the gardener shops this spring – the real spring. :)
    Sssh, I hope the present rooster can’t read!!

    • Bob says:

      It’s a vine and grows well. Climbs good and gets along with trees well, it’s a native here and goes dormant in the winter so it might make it up there. Easy to grow too.

  2. Nancy K says:

    Are you sure it’s spring, or is Mother Nature just fooling you? It sure doesn’t feel like spring down here in the desert!

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