A Spring Day of Ditch Digging and Just Sitting Around Enjoying the Day

Saturday May 10, 2014 Guerneville CA.

The wind was already blowing

I could hear the wind blowing in the big redwood trees before I got out of bed this morning. And since it was Saturday, I thought it would be a good day to get some digging done on my ditch for a water pipe I wanted to install and maybe I’d go kayaking in the afternoon if the wind calmed down a bit.

I dug a lot on that ditch

So, I dug for about three hours on the ditch before getting too tired out to continue. I got a lot done, about fifty feet, about a third done.

This is what I got done today. I’ve been working on this ditch for awhile now when I can. But thought I better get going with it as the ground is drying out and it will become harder to dig.ditch


The chair gets used a lot

I do use that chair a lot when I’m digging. You can see I have this part of the ditch finished up.ditch2


Naps and some recharging

All that digging plumb wore me out, so I spent most of the afternoon napping and trying to recharge my batteries.

The wind didn’t let up around here and I was too pooped to go kayaking anyway, so I tried to enjoy my yard some too.

The red roses are still blooming nicely.roses


I disturbed some friendly yellow jackets

A couple hours before sun down I got a little energy and dug some more, until I disturbed some yellow jackets that were in a brush pile near where I was digging. They seemed to be used to my scent and didn’t go after me even though I was only a couple feet from their nest when I disturbed the entrance to their nest. Lucky me. I backed up just in case and tried to locate their entrance so I could gas it later after dark.

I poured about a quarter of a cup of gasoline down their hole after dark. The fumes go right down to their nest and they are dead in a minute or so. I hated to do that as they didn’t go after me, but they were right in the middle of my work area, so I wasn’t going to take any chances. It’s their own fault for having stingers and biters.

Other than all the work digging the ditch, I sat around a lot just enjoying the yard on this nice spring day.

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