Don Says I Was Wrong About the Bald Eagle

Saturday September 9, 2023 Guerneville CA.

I was wrong

And he was right. I’ve only seen a Golden Eagle once when I was kayaking on the river. It had just killed a goose right in front of me. I noticed it’s shape was more like a fighter jet. And the legs had a certain look, just like this bird. I also didn’t know young golden eagles have a lot of white on them when they are young.

These are the legs of a golden eagle.eagle3


Mature bird

This golden eagle dived out of the sky on top of a goose while I was kayaking at Jenner. I was taking pictures of the geese when it surprised me and the geese too. Note the legs.goldeneagle


They attack from high up in the air, diving down like a fighter jet. Most of the time, I doubt the prey even knows what hits them. This goose didn’t.

Plans change

I’d planned to finish installing a bathroom sink faucet in our rental today, but got  my mind changed on that.

When I went out to the chicken’s pen this morning, my sore back gave me a real sharp pain for an instant, so I thought I should take it easy today. I went back in the house and put on the ice pack.

Gathering cam cards

Later I decided to ride up into the forest to gather up the game cam cards.

I stopped here for the game card.pond


Rest spot

Once I  had all the game cam cards collected I stopped at this overlook for a good break. I did leave one game card out there as I couldn’t remember where I’d set that cam up.view

Back  home, I checked out the game cam cards but there wasn’t much on them.

I did some resting and napping for my back.

Later in the day, I got the grease gun out and greased up the van, so that’s done. I will be doing all the final prep for the trip I’m taking off on in about a week, including getting the shopping done.

Nice day.

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