Forest Ride and a Western Spotted Skunk On the Cam

Sunday September 10, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Ride to the neighbors

My sore back was feeling pretty good today, but I wanted to take it easy just the same.

I needed to take a stainless steel screen to the neighbors up on the hill tops, so I rode on up that way, stopping to collect the game cam cards on the way.

I rode on up this road.road


It was hard to carry the stainless steel strainer on the dirt bike and I dropped it going through the hole in the side of this gate.gate


The neighbors weren’t home but their dogs were. I usually bring a little stick for this one as she loves to chew them up. She’s too old to chase them, so I only throw the stick a short


On the way back I stopped at this little spring up in this gully to see what I need to do to tap it. It looks like an easy one and I’ll work on it one of these days.spring


Trail cams

There wasn’t much on the trail cams today. The Golden Eagle did come back but the pictures were poor. It took off with another part of the carcass that it got from somewhere. I hadn’t seen it before, so I don’t know where it was hiding, the carcass, I mean.

And this skunk ran on by where the eagle killed the turkey vulture. This is a different kind of skunk as it’s stripes are different. Google says it’s a western spotted skunk.skunk


I spent the rest of the day napping and taking it easy doing a bit of watering in the yard.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Wow … I’ve never seen that skunk before. How cool is that!!

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