Dozer Work, Trail Work and Some Pottery Grade Blue Clay

Friday December 10, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Fueling and warming up

I got my diesel container and filled it up before I rode on up the hill today. The dozer didn’t need it but I try to keep adding a little at a time to keep the tank as full as possible. I put the fuel in the dozer and started it up to let it warm up a bit.dozer


Ditch work

I had some work on a ditch behind the dozer a short distance so I fixed that up and parked the dozer back in this spot.

Gathering tools

And rode the quad runner down to this trail where I walked down it to get some tools I’d left up there and then back up the trail and back on the quad with the tools.trail2


Work area

I rode on over to this spot and parked where I was working on an old trail doing some water redirecting work to keep it from washing out the trail.quad


Old trail work

The trail goes down through here. I fixed the trail up to prevent water running down it and then sprinkled some redwood leaf mulch on the trail to make it look nice. I still have some more work to do here to finish  it up in this spot.trail3


Leaving before it got dark today

I was watching my watch to make sure I quit before dark today and drove the quad runner up this road to get out.road5


Ditch crossing the road

I rode back over to the drainage ditch I repaired this morning that crosses the road here. The drainage ditch is just in front of the quad runner but a bit hard to see as it’s a shallow ditch instead of a deep one so I hope it stays this way.drainage6


As I was checking out the work I did there this morning Tom drove up in his side by side so we shot the bull a bit before he continued on up the hill.tom


Pottery grade blue clay find

I headed on down the hill stopping to check out this old spring. The recent rains have uncovered some real nice blue clay there. A fine deposit of pottery grade blue clay.spring


The clay is in sheets with the spring water running over it. I have no plans for it, but you never know.clay


I continued on home and got there just before dark.

Nice day.

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  1. Barb in Florida says:

    That’s pretty cool how the blue clay slides off in sheets.
    Thanks for showing it.

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