Driving to Lewiston Idaho to Shop for Supplies

Wednesday May 10, 2017 Troy Oregon

Lewiston for supplies

Today was going to be a shopping day. We needed some supplies to do some jobs.road


We needed two rigs to carry all the stuff so Dan and Conni took Dan’s truck and I followed in my van. It’s a couple hour trip one way to Lewiston Idaho where we shop from Troy.

We drive along the Grand Rhone River for a good part of the trip.river


When we hit highway 3 we were stopped by this lady for about fifteen minutes while they worked on the road. The creek jumped onto the road during a big storm and messed up the road pretty bad, but they had most of it repaired now.stop


We’re coming down off a bench with Lewiston up there not far ahead in the Snake river valley.  They grow a lot of wheat in this area.clarkston


Snake river

Eventually we hit the Snake river headed to Lewiston.snake


Rounding up the supplies

We went to Home Depot. It took us a while to find all the stuff we needed as they needed some kitchen cabinets, but we found all what we needed and got it all loaded up.van


We gassed up and went to Wally’s for a few things and were back on the road.

Headed on home

Here’s a ranch we drove by in the Grand Rhone river canyon.ranch


Storage for some of the wheat they grow around here.grain


Cruising along the river headed for Troy.roadup


Too tired to unload

We made it back to the house. Dan and I decided not to unload the van until tomorrow. It’s a four hour drive that is tiring enough, plus we had to load all the supplies on top of the van so we were beat.

Yummy mushroom soup snack

I parked the van in my camp spot and we had some real good mushroom soup that Sue had made up while we were gone. Yummmm. Morel mushroom soup.van2


We took a break after that until Dinner time and that was our day.

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2 Responses to Driving to Lewiston Idaho to Shop for Supplies

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Morel mushroom soup? Never heard of a soup made from those mushrooms. Sounds wonderful!

    • Bob says:

      Hi Patsy,
      The morels make a delicious soup or for that matter a delicious anything.
      Sue, the Mom of the house is a very good cook. Yummmm.


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