Fuel Tank Work and Hunting Morel Mushrooms Near Troy

Tuesday May 9, 2017 Troy Oregon

Chores in the morning, play in the afternoon

My job today was to check out this old fuel tank to see if it was fit to hold gas. It had some gas in it but it was old, so I put the old gas in some appropriate containers to get rid of it. The fittings to the hose where also leaking so I took them off and that was enough for one day.tank


Let’s go get some morels

After lunch Dan, Sue and I were going higher up on the bench and hunt mushrooms. Dan took Sue in his truck and I followed in my van going up through here.road


After about ten miles we turned off on to this road and drove out  it about three miles or so.road2


We parked here. Sue used to hunt with us, but now she’s 93 and has to use a walker so we left her reading her book in the truck and Dan and I went off looking for mushrooms, specifically morels.park



We weren’t doing too good and were thinking it might be a bit early yet.

Finally Dan found this little one, so we became hopeful.morel



About three quarters of the way into our walk, we started to find more mushrooms, most of them having just popped up, so we think we are still a bit early, but we found at least a couple pounds of them in one spot after we moved the cars farther down the hill. I was so busy hunting mushrooms I completely forgot about using the camera while hunting.

A couple pounds of morel mushrooms

Here’s our take of morel mushrooms after an hour or so of walking around in the forest.bagged


We figured we had enough and were pretty tired out from stepping over stuff in the forest.

We headed on out for home down this road.road3


Here’s a picture of some of the morels we found. These are yummy mushrooms.morels


Crab for dinner

A couple of Sue’s friends dropped by yesterday. They are commercial fishermen from the Oregon coast. They dropped off three crab and some fish for Sue.

So tonight I had crab for dinner.

We all had a good day.

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2 Responses to Fuel Tank Work and Hunting Morel Mushrooms Near Troy

  1. I am enjoying reading about your adventures. Troy sounds like a wonderful place to live if you can endure the winter. Safe travels and maybe we can meet up at Jenner.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    So jealous! Everyone is finding morels. I haven’t had them since the 70’s. Enjoy! I’ll bet they were wonderful! I have no idea around me where I might find some.

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