Dug the Trail Ditch To the End Today Working In the Forest

Wednesday February 24, 2021 Guerneville CA.

More work in the forest

My plum trees are starting to bloom and so is this interesting flower. There’s a California Dutchman’s Pipe flower growing in the tree in the center.plums


California Dutchman’s Pipe flowers

It’s like the name implies, little Dutch type pipes, lots of them.pipes


blooming plum trees

I have a lot of wild plum trees just starting to bloom.



Digging the trail ditch for the spring water pipe

I hung around in he yard just getting some sun until about 1 when I hopped on the quad runner and drove it up into the hills where I’ve been working on my spring water pipe burial project to continue the work, digging a trail ditch for the pipe.

Work area

I made my way up this ravine where I’m left off working yesterday.ravine


I  had about a hundred feet to dig today if I could make it. I started here and continued on down the hill to  just above that road down there where I’ll tie into the valves just above the water tanks.



Digging away

I got  this part dug going down a steep part with lots of rocks and roots. It’s steeper than the camera shows and I slid down the hill a lot until I got the trail ditch dug.ditch


Big roots

It took longer than I thought it would as I also had to dig around these big tree roots along the way.roots


Heard voices

I was resting up there when I heard some voices. It turned out to be my neighbor with her son going for a walk up the hill. I asked if they came up to  help me out and all I got was too steep. :O)neighbor


Made it to the end

I made it to the end here where I turned the trail onto another pipe trail ditch from another spring which I can follow the short distance to the valve assembly just off to the right and out of sight.pipeturn


By the time I go the trail ditch done I was too  beat to place the pipe in the ditch and bury it, so I decided that was enough work for one day.

This is the valve assembly where my two spring lines meet just about the water tanks. I do have one other pipe line to do but I’m thinking next year maybe. I do have a lot of the other water line already dug, about half of it so maybe that part will get buried this year or maybe not. Each water line is about a thousand feet long coming down the hill.valves


Good spring water

Of course I got a drink of water at the valves before hopping on the quad runner and heading on home for the day.

Once home it was in the house for a nap and that was my day.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    My goodness you get a lot done in a day! That must be what keeps you young! :)
    I LOVE those Dutch pipe flowers!

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