Forest Work On the Spring Water Pipe Line

Tuesday February 23, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Working in the forest day

Pic of Me

I checked my email this morning I found an email from Dennis Olson who was staying up at the River’s End last night. I knew he was there as I saw his light blue Toyota Land Cruiser parked up there but I didn’t see him. He likes to do the standup paddle board on the river.

Here’s a picture he took of me as I was paddling around the river’s mouth area, with his telephoto lens. Thanks Dennis.bpb


Burying the water pipe project

So this morning my plan was to gather my tools and go up into the forest and work on burying the spring water line that comes down the hill from our spring to our water tanks.

I parked here so I could walk up the hill to where I was working on making a trail ditch to put the pipe in.quad


Up the ravine

The little ravine goes right up through here, steeper than the picture looks.ravine


So I grabbed my tools and started the walk up through here to where I’d stopped working last time I worked on this. You can see the black plastic pipe on the right.ravine3


I had a ways to go about 200 feet I think so I continued on up. Now you can see that pipe much easier that I need to bury.ravine4


Started digging here

I made it up to here where I stopped last time and started digging working my way down the hill, trying to avoid the big trees as they don’t’ dig too well and neither do their roots.ravine5


Here’s what the trail ditch looked like that I was digging for the water pipe.ditch6


I continued digging going down through here.ravine7


Break time

I sat here for a bit resting. You can see my shoes have gotten a little muddy.sit


Done for the day

I made it down to here today. I didn’t get as far as I thought I would as it was steep with quite a few rocks and roots in the way. I think I made about a hundred feet today but didn’t get the pipe buried and have about another hundred feet to go down to the valves where the pipes connect.endtrail


I gathered my tools and started down the hill as it was almost six PM by now and would soon get dark on me.

Getting a drink of water

My goal was to get down to the water valves and get a nice drink of spring water at the valves.poipe10


I made it down to these valves and was able to get a drink of spring water which was tasty.valves11


And from there back to the quad runner and headed on home just before it got dark.

I shut the chickens in for the day and gathered the eggs and went on in the house.

Get it done

I’d really like to get this leg of the spring pipe burial done soon so I may work on it some more tomorrow.

Nice day.

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  1. Arrowhead Gramma says:

    Nice to have a photo of you out for a paddle. I admire your strength and dedication to getting all of the water pipes buried, such a huge project. Are you near the end of burying all of the different lines?

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