Eagles and Huge Bubbles Paddling Around Jenner

Sunday January 11, 2015 Jenner CA.

It was a bit chilly as I arrived at Jenner this morning. It was overcast and no sun, but the wind was down, so I hoped things would improve and they did.

A bald eagle

I crossed over the river to Penny Island were I was sitting when I noticed this bald headed eagle sitting on top of the tree on the island, just taking it easy.eagletree


I headed up the side of the island noticing a lot of bird type stuff on the water and when I got to this log, I found where an eagle had likely used this log for a table to consume some kind of bird. Looked like a dinner table to me.table


As I was looking at that, the eagle in the tree took off and flew over my head on up the river and out of sight near eagle’s landing. Maybe it landed at eagle’s landing?

I made my way up that way taking my time and stopping along the way as the day was warming and the overcast was starting to lift a bit.

Two at eagle’s landing

As I approached eagle’s landing I looked up in the big trees to see if there was an eagle up there and there was. I was getting it’s picture when I noticed another eagle up there too.

I was looking at the upper eagle when I spotted the lower one. This place isn’t called eagle’s landing for no reason.eagles


One of my seal buddies was near by as I watched the eagles for a bit. seal


One of the eagles took off and landed across the river at Paddy’s rock, while this one stayed in the tree.eagle


The Paddy’s rock eagle

I paddled over by the eagle that landed on paddy’s rock and took this picture.eaaglerock


There was also a loon swimming close by as I passed on by the rock.loon



I continued up the river as I heard some geese up there just below the bridge.geese


I hung around in this spot for awhile just watching things and enjoying the day. Looking back down the river to Paddy’s rock and the small town of Jenner.jenner


I watched the eagle fly off Paddy’s rock and fly up onto the grassy hillside and land near the ridge top.

I headed on down the river passing these three. A bufflehead duck and two grebe.birds


There were a bunch of merganser ducks near the up river end of the island.mergansers


Eagle is back in the tree

I was surprised to find one of the eagle’s back in the big tree on the island as I went by where I had seen it earlier before it flew off.eagletree2


Seagulls and huge bubbles

I continued on down to the lower end of Penny Island where there were a bunch of seagulls resting on the gravel. As I was getting a picture of them, I noticed something else.seagulls


Huge bubbles blowing in the light breeze.bubs


These two were making these huge bubbles. They had their music going and seemed to be enjoying themselves.bublerss2


I left them blowing bubbles and headed down towards the river’s mouth area.

I passed by these goldeneyes on the way.goldeneyes


Open river mouth

It was high tide as I approached the open river’s mouth. High tide meant I could get into the mouth without being swept out into the ocean as water was coming into the river as the tide rose.

There were seals and seagulls and surfers out there. The surfers appeared to be leaving as the waves were dumping instead of rolling which can be hard on one’s body.mouth


Hard times for seagulls

I noticed this seagull sitting in the rocks near where I was sitting in my boat. At first, I thought it was the seagull I saw the other day up the river with the broken wing. But then I realized the other birds right wing was broken and this one’s left wing is broken.gull


I sat at that spot for quite some time. The sea lions went by a few times hunting just inside the mouth.

Still making bubbles

The day was getting on, so I started heading in for the day. When I got back near Penny Island, the huge bubbles were still flying. The breeze had changed direction and now the bubbles were blowing right towards the boat ramp.bubs2


They were really making some huge ones. They slowly drifted on by me. I don’t know what they were made up, but they were strong as I watched some of them bounce off the water without breaking.bubble


Although the ones that ran into me broke on my back.

Some of those bubbles made it clear over to the boat ramp. They were being launched from the beach at the ocean over half a mile away.

This was my view as I went on in for the day.ramp


I pulled my boat out of the water and went on home for the day and that was it for another nice day.

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