Yard Work, a Memorial and a Paddle On the Russian River

Saturday January 10, 2015 Monte Rio CA.

Today, I had a memorial to go to at 1PM, so I had to keep myself busy for a bit. I went out in the yard and did some work on my new well drilling site. Some of the bamboo was leaning over too far and would get in the way of the drill boom, so I had to cut the leaners out.

Here, I’ve just cut all the leaner bamboo out and just need to move it to another spot.wellsite


That was enough to tire me out so I had a nap until it was time to go to the memorial.

I did leave a bit early to go down to the local tire shop to see about getting some tires for my car. They would have to order some tires as they only had two to fit my car.


The memorial was in Monte Rio at this old hotel which I’ve forgotten it’s name. memorial


Frank was a real old timer from this area and the place was packed. I shot the bull, I mean talked with some of the old timers I know and some I didn’t know. Funny how I’m getting to be an old timer now that I’m older and watching old timers die off means my turn is coming up, hopefully not too soon.

Headed to the boat ramp

Well, the crowd was finally more than I could handle so I headed on down to the Monte Rio boat ramp and put my boat into the water and headed on down the river.

These guys were in the slot fishing for steelhead. I pulled up on the right side and talked with them a bit. Fishing had slowed a bit, but they were still catching a few.fishermen


I continued on down the river at my leisurely slow pace.

I stopped in a spot and this male mallard duck came by.duck


It was feeding just by my boat as I watched.duck2


Continuing on down the river, I passed by this cormorant resting on an old redwood log.cormorant


My goal today is to just make it down to the Villa Grande hole which is down river as far as you can see in this picture, about a mile below Monte Rio.russianriver


As I paddled along, I saw this great egret on the shoreline fishing and catching some real small fish.egret


Villa Grande Hole

I made it down to the Villa Grande hole and pulled in here and watched the guy fish down that way, which is barely visible in this picture. He seemed to know what he was doing, but didn’t catch any fish while I watched.fishing


Since I started late today, it was getting late and this was my view  from Villa Grande, down river, just before I started back up the river.trees


I passed by this great blue heron several times today and each time it flew off squawking loudly as if to say, you’re bugging me. This time it just sat there.heron4


I was resting just past the heron when these mallard ducks came by. Monte Rio ducks are mostly on the friendly side.mallard


I followed the mallard ducks up the river as they lead me along for a good distance before going off to feed some more.ducks


There were still some fishermen in the slot so I stopped and talked with them some more. Not much action since I went by them earlier, but everyone agreed, it was a nice day to be out on the river.

There were some fishermen below the Monte Rio bridge as I approached the boat ramp.monterio


I pulled my boat out of the water and went on home for the day.

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  1. Judy Harvey says:

    The name is the Village Inn & Restaurant, built in 1906.

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