Easy Day With a Little Strawberry Plant Work

Thursday June 23, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Taking it easy

I didn’t  have much planned for the day so it’s a taking it easy day with a lot of chair hopping around the yard.

I did have one thing to do if I wanted to. That was to transplant the strawberries that were being taking over by weeds.

Strawberry transplanting

I set things up in the blueberry patch to work on the strawberries.patch


The planter on the right is doing just fine but the one on the left is full of big weeds so that’s where I’m working.planter


Lotsa weeds eh

See all the big weeds in that planter. I need to remove all the dirt and find the strawberry plants in there and just put the berry plants back.weeds


The whole thing was a big root mass so I had to pull it all apart to get the berry plants out.

Then I put the strawberry plants back in and watered them after adding some fresh dirt.weeded


Pots too

I also did the same thing to these two hanging pots of berry plants. Now they should all do better and produce more big berries.pots


Yummy blueberries

As long as I was in the blueberry patch I made some of those disappear too. Yummmy.berries


Nice lazy day.

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2 Responses to Easy Day With a Little Strawberry Plant Work

  1. Judith says:

    I am very interested in your strawberry pipe. That’s what it is, right? PVC? I guess I’ll have to do some googling. Though I live in a vastly different climate. But my grandmother used to grow strawberries in the ground. Only strawberries I’ve ever seen growing in the ground around here.

    • Bob says:

      In the ground is how I used to grow them but that has a lot of problems bugs and rodents eat them and they get in the dirt. That’s PVC, yes , six inch but larger would be better as things get fairly root bound. They grow a lot of strawberries commercially above the ground. Much cleaner and less trouble with rodents and bugs. You can use most anything to hold them up in the air. Mind are in the blueberry patch that has overhead watering on a timer so that makes that easy too. I think strawberries will grow anywhere except where it gets too cold.
      Yummy. :O)

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