Range Extender and Practicing With My Drone

Friday June 24, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Range Extender

I wanted my neighbor to test out my new Wi-Fi extender to see how it  might improve her signal so I went over and helped her set it up. It worked great giving her excellent signals where she needed them. After she gives it a good test I plan to install it at my house to get my brother’s much faster than mine ,internet so I can upload my videos faster.extender


Enjoying the day

Then I went back to  my yard and did some chair hopping and just enjoying the day.

Drone practice

Eventually I got the drone out and set it up for flying.drone


I flew it around just practicing flying and taking pictures for about an hour.me


This is a picture of my place. I have lots of fruit trees on the property. The little place is my chicken pen.home


Armstrong Valley Farm

I flew it a little further to  one of my brother’s gardens. He grows for the farmer’s markets. He’s been busy planting stuff.garden


Phone guy

I had to stay around the house today as I was expecting the phone repair guy to come by, but he never did. Instead I got a call from my internet provider saying the phone guy couldn’t find anything wrong with my line. If the phone guy would have come by I could of explained that it was a temperature related problem that would be hard to find depending on how hot it was outside. They’ll send another guy out. So this time I’ll be able to talk to him about it. Some times  my internet comes and goes and it’s been doing that for about two years on and off so I hope to get them on the right track finally.

Sitting around

I’d planned to fly  my drone some more in the evening but instead I just sat around enjoying the day.

Nice day.

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