Elk, More Elk, Honey Do’s and Home Cooked Food

Monday May 8, 2017 Troy Oregon

I posted two blogs today. The first one is below this one if you want to read them in sequence

Missed the first elk

  I didn’t see the herd of elk that came by my van this morning at 7:30, but Sue in the house told me about it when I went over to visit. Dan and Conni had left for Lewiston this morning to shop for kitchen cabinets and left Sue and I holding down the Fort. The bosses went to town so we didn’t have much to do. Sue decided to can the chicken meat and broth from the ten chickens the killed the day before I got here. I caught her pushing a five gallon pot of chicken broth along the floor in front of her walker headed for the kitchen. She was about half way there, so I helped her get it to the kitchen. She said she would make me some chicken soup for lunch.

Here’s the house which overlooks the river canyon below.house


This is the view down to the river from the front of the house.river


I left Sue canning and making my chicken soup for lunch and a chilly for dinner.

Let’s find some elk, eh

I wanted to take a little walk and see if I could catch up with the elk that passed by me this morning.

This is the field in front of the van and I can barely see some elk laying down out in the field, so I started my walk off toward them. You need good eyes to see the elk way out in the field.walk


As I neared them they got up to check me out.ellk


They walked off down the hill to the right and were gone.elk2


I continued my walk and ran into these deer.deer


Big herd of elk

Continuing on I spotted a bigger herd of elk up ahead right in my path.grass


The elk knew I was there so no use trying to hide. Some of them are watching me.elks


Eventfully this bigger herd took off to the right and disappeared.herd


I’m not seeing any new elk calves yet, but they should start calving soon. The male elk go somewhere else at this time and aren’t allowed with the females during calving time.

I continued on. I was headed to an old homestead where the winter elk and deer feeding barn was located. I found some daffodils just blooming so spring is just starting here. The daffodils also indicate the old homestead house was right here.daffs


Here’s the feed barn which I walked up to and around.barn


My view down from the barn.meadow


I was making a loop and was headed back to the house when I went by this old car.car


Chicken soup for lunch

Back at the house I went in and had the chicken soup Sue whipped up for me for lunch. Hummm good.

After lunch I moved my van to a new spot closer to the house and overlooking the river valley so I could use their Wi-fi during the night.

Thought I heard wild turkeys

After I set up the van I was sitting in it enjoying the day when I thought I heard some wild turkeys. But when I went out to find them, it tuned out to be two guinea hens.

Weird critters.hen


Home made chilly for dinner

We had the fine home made chilly Sue had made from scratch earlier in the day and it was yummy.

After that we spent the evening discussing the projects Dan and I are going to work on while we are here.

Tomorrow we will do a little work in the morning and then we are driving further up to hunt for mushrooms.

That’s it for a nice day.

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2 Responses to Elk, More Elk, Honey Do’s and Home Cooked Food

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Nice to have someone cook for you, I’ll bet! Those guinea hens are butt-ugly! Except for their beautiful speckled feathers. Looks like you had a nice day, I’ve never seen elk before.

    • Bob says:

      It sure is nice to have a cook, especially such a good one. Agree on the guineas. We’ll see if I can get some more elk stuff. I hope they start to calve soon, that would be good.

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